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File complaint with third party vendor

Hello there, I usually don't post on message boards but I really need someone from corporate to deal with something that's been on going for months. It's so bad and ignored that I have gotten strangers, other customers, emails iust so they can potentially join me in filing a complaint.

After trying and failing to find a straight-forward way to contact anyone I stumbled on this message board who apparently have moderators that actually work with corporate. I know you guys are busy but hopefully you get back to me sooner than later.

For months me and my family, along with multiple other customers, have been treated like hell by the Samsung Reps at a Virginia Best Buy location and until this is fixed neither I nor many others will shop there until this is resolved. One guy even goes to the store just to tell other customers to shop somewhere else if he sees them complaining. Management is useless won't do anything(I've even heard from some staff in the store that there's favoritism among management and several employees they'll keep regardless, whether that's true is a different subject but that would make sense.)

What's worse is the location is the store they sent you to if you actually call the Samsung helpline.

Please get back to me at your convenience, thank you.