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False advertising... TWICE

I was looking to upgrade my cellphone and saw the iphone SE advertised online for $10.37/month at the Tysons Corner, VA store. I had gone to the store a few days later and was told that the $10.37/month price was no longer valid, even though it was still advertised as such on 7/27/17 in the store. They could not offer me that price due to the contract they have with Verizon and only offered a phone call if that phone goes on sale again.


I had found a better deal at Sam's Club, thankfully.


However, another phone on my account recently broke, so I need another phone. Yesterday, I went to the Best Buy in Springfield, VA, where the iPhone 6s was advertised for $13.70/month in-store. After waiting 30 minutes for assistance, the sales associate told me that the advertised price was wrong, and the correct price was $15/month. Again, they could not sell the phone to me for the price they advertised and only offered a discount on accessories. The sales associate also said that the price changes every day and the tags aren't always changed, giving me the impression that this situation happens a LOT. But too bad for the customer... They offered a discount on accessories, but I don't need any accessories. I want to save on the phone itself.


Sam's Club is a little distant from my house, but I refuse to shop at Best Buy any longer. So disappointing. The stores don't seem to care that they made the mistake of leaving old tags on their products. A gift card for the price difference would have made me happy. But it wasn't offered... from a big company like Best Buy.


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Re: False advertising... TWICE

Well that's disappointing to run in to not one, but two stores in the area that are lax in updating their price changes! I completely understand your frustrations.
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Re: False advertising... TWICE

geishafish wrote:
Well that's disappointing to run in to not one, but two stores in the area that are lax in updating their price changes! I completely understand your frustrations.

Thanks. I went to the Springfield Best Buy thinking that the Tysons store was incompetent. But I was wrong. One would think that there would be a protocol about changing the tags to reflect current prices. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: False advertising... TWICE

Hello ravensfan2001,


Thanks for joining our Best Buy Support community. I’m more of an android gal myself, but even I have to admit, it’d be rather nice to get my hands on a new phone for such a low monthly price. I can imagine your excitement swiftly turned to disappointment if the offer wasn’t available as anticipated, particularly if this happened to you twice in two separate Best Buy locations, so it’s understandable why you’d be reaching out to us for clarification.


As you may know, most of our sales run Sunday through Saturday unless specifically stated. One exception to this is the monthly installment billing prices listed for mobile phones. This is because we do not control the pricing on these, as the offers come (and are provided) directly through the carrier themselves. We cannot change this price; however, we should be updating the offers posted inside our store, and it’s disconcerting to hear this didn’t happen in two separate store locations. I truly apologize for any frustration this must have caused, particularly as I understand this has caused to you to question your loyalty to Best Buy. Although disappointing to hear you purchased elsewhere, I’m glad to hear you were able to find what you were looking for.


I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know of your experiences. I’d hate for this to happen to anyone else, so please know I’ve made sure to thoroughly document your insights here at the corporate office so they’re internally reviewed for future coaching opportunities.


Thank you,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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