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False Advertising and poor customer service

I purchased a Lenovo Yoga 710 on Wednesday, 7/12/17.  This model was on display with a Bamboo Smart stylus attached to it.  Next to it, was a rectangular case that contained an advertisement that if you bought the stylus with the Lenovo, you would receive $30 off the stylus.


I took it all home, let the Lenovo run to retrieve all of the updates and then paired the stylus with the Lenovo via the Bluetooth.  When you push in the top of the stylus, it works to connect to the various apps/programs, however, it would not write at all.  I tried a different battery, I tried a different nib...nothing worked.


So today, I went back into the store to discuss it with the service team.  After 1 1/2 hours there, I was told (1) that I didn't run the updates...I actually let the computer run for over 2 hours in order to retrieve all of the updates before I even paired the stylus, so that was the wrong answer (2) Corporate made a mistake with the add (3) Lenovo doesn't support the stylus with this model (according to their website) and finally, (4) I got a different model than what it actually works with.  At this point, I walked the staff to the laptop area, I SHOWED them the display model that they had out and validated that I did, in fact buy the same one (I had the one I bought with me), that there was, in fact, a Bamboo stylus paired to it, AND that there was an add right there that stated if bought together there would be $30 off.  And the supervisor of the department, who was the one that finished my sale on Wednesday, was standing right there.  They all huddled...again...not knowing what to say to me.  Oh... and I didn't even actually get the $30 off anyway.  


At this point, I asked for Corporate's number, I asked for a refund own the stylus, and I bought a non-smart stylus, which defeats the purpose of the technology that this 2-in-1 comes with.  When I called Corporate, I asked to speak directly to a manager.  He was very nice, but I was offered no further resolution, no consellation (gift card, credit to my account, etc.), and was further asked to log a complaint also via the website.  Well...there's no way to actually log a complaint as there's no email address to corporate, just these forums.


I've bought a lot at Best Buy through the years, but I have to say that I'm terribly disappointed in this experience and I totally feel this has been a case of false advertisement; the product doesn't even work with this version AND I didn't receive the $30.




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Re: False Advertising and poor customer service

Hello mkae,


Lenovo Yogas are a great option for 2-in-1’s. I’m happy to hear that you purchased one last week. It’s discouraging to hear that Bamboo Stylus offered didn’t work as anticipated, and you may not have gotten $30 off of the purchase price.


Sometimes for a variety of reasons things may not sync correctly. Did your local Best Buy offer to try a different Bamboo Stylus to ensure the initial one you purchased wasn’t faulty? I’m sorry to hear that they may not have offered you professional assistance.


I was able to locate your purchases to see how I may be able to assist you. Can you please send me a private message with your receipt’s Customer Service Pins? I’d be happy to review them to see what options may be available at this time to assist you. You can send me a private message by choosing the option to do so next to my name at the bottom.



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