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Extending coverage plan problem!!



At this point I'm so frustrated with Best Buy I don't know where to start.


I bought an expensive camera at the end of August at a Best Buy in California where I was on vacation. The person at the register was having problems (he had to process my return of an other camera, the register was acting up and the store was about to close) and he put the wrong plan (one year when I specifically asked for 3 years). I didn't realize the mistake right away and left the next day for Europe. When I noticed I tried to change the plan to three years but couldn't do it online.

So I called the 1888 number over the weekend, but I think because of the hurricane, the call center was not picking up. I waited for 35 minutes then gave up. 

I tried again today, which is the last day to extend. I called the same 1888 corporate number and spent *over an hour* on the phone, being transfered to 8 different people/departments, everyone telling me they couldn't help, until the last person finally told me to "call any Best Buy store'. I call my local Best Buy in Boston where I live, after a long wait they tell me they can't help, to call the California store where I made the purchase.

I call the store, they don't pick up. I try all day. I end calling again, this time asking the geek squad. A guy picks up, says no one is manning the phones at the store, then that he can't help me because the change has to be done in person.

I used the chat feature, and the geek squad agent brutally closed the chat window / conversation on me.


Overall I get no empathy from the 'agents' I've spoken to, no solution, it's like this incredible catch 22. I musn't be the only person who buys a product before going on vacation abroad?!?! Why can I not modify my plan coverage remotely????


I bought the camera right before leaving on vacation, I'm not returning to the US until Friday, by then the 14 day window to change my plan will have expired. I can't changed it online, nor on the phone, and even the Boston store said they weren't sure they could do it in person, that it had to be done by the store in California, in person, a State I do not live in...!!!!!


I would be very grateful for some help here. Can I get an extension of the 14 days window for example, so that this weekend I can apply the change to a 3 year plan at the Best Buy in Boston as soon as I land back in the country?


I've been a loyal Best Buy customer for years, buy all my computers etc from there, and I don't want to have to pay more than I'm supposed to for my coverage. I.e. I know I can extend the coverage at the end of the first year, but it is much more expensive. It's not normal that I can't make the change now to 3 years coverage when 1) I just bought the camera 2) The mistake was not mine in the first place, the guy at the store didn't do it right. (I always take 3 year plans when I buy expensive cameras and this was no exception.)


I've spent hours and hours on this already, and getting terribly frustrated Smiley Sad


Thank you in advance for your help!



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Re: Extending coverage plan problem!!

Hi LizaK,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Our Geek Squad Protection plans offer great coverage on your technology and peace of mind for you, so I can understand why you’d be interested in picking up a longer plan. I apologize that you’ve been having such a tough time getting an answer to your question.


Using the information in your post and forum registration I believe I was able to locate your order in our systems. In order to change your protection plan on this camera you would have to bring it in to one of our stores during the fifteen day return period provided under our Return & Exchange Promise, as it isn’t something we’d be able to do online or over the phone.


From your post it sounds like you won’t be able to make it back into the country until after this period has expired. I’d like to look into this situation a bit closer and see if there’s anything we may be able to do to help you out. In order to do this I’ll need to know a couple things. First, I’ll need to know which of our stores in Boston you would be visiting. Additionally I’ll need to know when you would be able to make it in to the store. Finally, if you could please provide your order number as well as the camera model so I can be sure I’m looking at the correct order, that would be great.


Because we respect your privacy, please send this information to me by using the link in my signature below rather than posting it in this thread.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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