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Disappointing experience

I just had a very disappointing experience with Best Buy . 
I purchased Mircrosoft Surface Pro4 yesterday in Vancouver branch. I was recommended by my friends that Best Buy would be the best options of all the other retails online and offline stores because of the customer services and all the promotions. However, this experienced was very unpleasant for me. 
As I was buying the surface pro4, I asked about all the warranty options. But the associate didn't explain clearly about the other options and claimed that other options are crappy and suggested to get the most expensive geek squad full protection. At that time, it was too much of information but it sounded like a great warranty. One of the best things I liked was that it's not under contract for a long time. I was told that after 3 month, I can cancel it any time. ($90 in total) Even though I wasn't understanding fully, the associate said that it's listed on the pamphlet given and I could also check online for more assistant. So I decided to go ahead purchase it thinking that I will carefully review it at home. And I was trying to review the coverage, but the pamphlet didn't tell me anything. It was too general. Also the online page that was given was broken. So I decided to ask my friends and did some research. I had a conclusion, I would be better off with different warranty than the full coverage one. In total, I would have to pay more than $1000 (for four years) for the warranty which doesn't make sense to me. So I called them at night to cancel it (which took me 37minutes to talk to the representative) but they said I would have to visit in-sotre to cancel it. And they would have to charge me $90 for set up. I didn't want the set up initially because one of the reason I got surface pro4 was because setting up isn't hard. But the associate insisted on getting the set up service. (I still don't know what they have set up for me since all I asked was chrome browser...)  So I thought to myself set up fee would be the 3month contract that the associate talked about in the earlier day.($90 set up = $30 for 3months) Today, I went to pick up my laptop  and cancel the geek squad warranty. They were very unpleasant as I said that i want to cancel the warranty. Her face changed right away; I could tell it by her face. She said she was busy and told me to wait; I waited 15 min to talk to her. When I explained,her attitude was very rude. Finally, she said she'll be charging me $150. I was mad because I wasn't informed of $150, but she said it was $150 and she can't do anything. My mom was with me when I was getting the warranty yesterday and she also remember it as $90. She said there is nothing she can do so if I want to cancel, just pay 150 or if not just keep it. That is not the attitude or treatment that I should be receiving. I know I can just return all the purchases and get the surface pro4 from the other sources but I didn't think it was right to do that. But I wanted to let your team know that the experience that I went through was very disappointing. First, they were very unclear of what the customer is getting. Second, I feel like I was deceived. Lastly, they were very rude to the customer. 
I would like to cancel the warranty but I feel like I can't pay all $150. Could I get some help from the resolution team. 
Thank you and I appreciate your help, 
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Re: Disappointing experience

I would recommend speaking with Best Buy Canada about this situation.  Unfortunately these forums are not directly tied into Best Buy Canadas support. Have a great day!

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
***Know that I am not able to issue official responses and that my posts are only here to help before an official response is offered by a Best Buy Social Media Specialist***
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Re: Disappointing experience

Hello lunaliena,


Welcome to the forum. Buying a protection plan is a great way to have a that peace of mind that if something were to happen to your electronic it's covered and you don't have to spend full price to replace it. I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles with the protection plan you purchased.


As autotech796 mentioned, we are unable to provide support for purchases made in our Canadian stores; therefore, I recommend calling 866-BESTBUY for support with your issue. I'm sorry I cannot assist you further at this time. 


Thank you for posting here on the forum, 

Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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