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I was shopping for a camera the other day and when I went to check out the sales rep said we do have a restocking fee but if you exchange it for another camera we will waive it as I was unsure about the camera they had sold me.  I came back and exchanged (upgraded) the camera I was not happy with the original camera. The manager said no problem let's just exchange it and I'll void the restocking fee. OK -great. I went home with the camera the sales rep said would be great for what I needed. Turns out the camera is great for video (which I don't need) and not great for photo's so as I came back to Upgrade the camera again (Upgrading to do $2,700 camera by the way) the SAME manager said no, no, no, you have to pay a restocking fee.. I said, but we went through this 2 days ago with no problem. (by the way when I returned the first camera he said "good, now I may want to buy it as it'll be marked down. Nice) So, I was stuck with a camera that the sales rep told me was exactly what I needed when it turns out it was the opposite of what I needed or pay a $390 restocking fee.. the managers on duty, Ron and Nick, were yelling at me in front of other customers saying their sales rep wouldn't have told me that I could exchange with no problem, even though I had done it 2 days prior. It was so embarrassing how they were treating me. other customers were starring and it was horrific. I own a marketing company and in the last year have probably spent close to $10,000 between myself and my company. All I wanted to do was buy a $2700 camera. 

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Re: Complaint

Hello mhub, 

Welcome to the forum and thank you for reaching out to share your recent experience with us! Finding a camera that suits your needs can be a challenge, so I'm discouraged to hear you went through a couple cameras without any luck, despite our recommendations. 

Per our Return & Exchange Promise, returning or exchanging some cameras would result in a 15% restocking fee. While it's great to hear we were able to accommodate your exchange once without this fee, please know this would be considered an exception. I apologize for any disappointment in being charged the restocking fee for your latest return. 

With that said, we should always be sure we are providing a courteous and respectful interaction for our customers, and it's disheartening to hear that your interaction with Ron and Nick may have taken such a negative turn. Please know that I've ensured your feedback has been thoroughly noted so that we may have it available for review in the future. 

If you should have any other questions, please let me know. 


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