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Complaint: Best Buy at Bakersfield (#856)

I ordered an item through a Best Buy representative on 01/08/18, and went to the store for pick-up today (01/12/18) as instructed on the receipt. After waiting for 10 minutes, a woman (I think her name is Liz) told me the item was not in the store. It might be purchased by another customer or might be stolen. What a joke! An item ordered by me was purchased by someone else or was stolen? How could a Best Buy store run their business this way? Then another woman, Sonam, came. She spent another 10 minutes or so checking their two computers, and told me I was supposed to receive an email notification "no pickup" from Best Buy. I told her I did not receive any notification. She said that message might go into my spam box. What a joke! I received advertisements from Best Buy almost every day in my Inbox! Is "no pickup" a reasonable or responsible notification Best Buy supposed to give to its customers who have paid and waited for a few days? Who is supposed to be responsible for the time/energy wasted, the extra trip to the store, and the terrible experiences of customers?!
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Re: Complaint: Best Buy at Bakersfield (#856)

Hi springlike,

When you placed your order you should’ve received a confirmation email confirming your purchase. On that same email under what you need to know it states to wait for that second email they will send it to you once your product is ready. Thus trying to avoid the time and energy wasted. As I do not work for Best Buy I am unable to pull up your actual order. A moderator will be by to touch base with you in regards to it and help you out with options.