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Complaint, Best Buy #1411, 3/15/2017

I have been in the market for an OLED TV (OLED55CP6,  Best Buy SKU 525708 if you want to be specific) after my Samsung has failed multiple times.  I entered this store to get my questions answered, but also to find the best deal on a TV based on the Weekly Ad.  That's why it's called "Best Buy", right?  After entering the TV department, not one of the three employees bothered to approach me to ask if I had any questions (strike 1).  When I did have questions, I had to approach them (strike 2).  When asking about the price of the TV, I asked about the BB Gift Card offer if it was honered in store.  The TV Sales Associate told me that he would look it up and he said yes.  So in my mind, this is sold.  


After the transaction was complete and the ship date was confirmed, I did not receive the BB Gift Card as it did not show as an itemized item on the receipt.  After being walked to the Customer Service Desk, I was then told that it was an Online Offer only (strike 3).  So here is where the problems and frustrations build after a poor customer service experience upon entering the store.  I walked back to the TV Department to speak to another Sales Agent, I'm assuming the supervisor/manager, and he told me that the Gift Card was an Online Offer only, while the sale in store was an in-store sale only.  Therefore, Best Buy will not honor the mistake of the AD Online or in-store.  Better yet, "HE" would make no effot or offer to correct the mistake.  The experience was very "Hard Ball", this is how it is, take it or leave it.  After hearing this, I explained to him this is exactly why my first question was about the Gift Card promo.  One of the departments Sales Agents confirmed I would get the Gift Card.  When he said yes, that sealed the deal for me.  


After being told that they would not do anything for me, I asked for a refund as I was not getting the best deal as I was originally confirmed by the first Sales Agent. The three Sales Agents then walked away from me (strike 4) towards the Customer Service Desk with my documentation without any indication that I needed to follow them.  Instintively, if I wanted my money back, I needed to follow them, so I did.  The agents stopped at the little security post to confirm that there was NO SIGN to confirm that Ad mistake of the OLED TV, the Gift Card and the difference between the Online and In-Store sale.  That right there was an admission of error that they had 3 days to correct for a Sunday-Saturday Sales Ad.  Today was Wednesday.


So here is the issues:


1)  Poor customer service upon entry into the department.  3 Sales Agents were present, but no inquiry if I needed help until I asked for it.

2)  Lack of product knowledge when I asked about certain features of the product.

3)  I asked about the BB Gift Card Offer because I wanted to ensure that this was the best deal.  As it turns out, it was not.

4)  I was incorrectly told that this BB Gift Card offer was valid.

5)  Supervisor/Manager made ZERO effort to correct the mistake.

7)  Three employees walk away from me when I asked for a refund of a $2,000.00 sale.

6)  There was ZERO documentation, or signs, posted in the store or near the product that there was misrepresentation of the offer.  NO DISCLAIMERS were found.  For 3 days they knew about this, but failed to execute on a store level from a Corporate Communication.

7)  Lack of Professionalism all around.


I attempted to post screen shots of the Online Ad that fails to say that the GC Offer was online only, but this forum fails to allow me to insert the image.


From other reviews and posts that I have read online and in these forums, I have no expecations of a resolution, but hopefully actions will speak louder than words. 


I look forward to see the moderator responses.



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Re: Complaint, Best Buy #1411, 3/15/2017

Hello BuckeyeBrian,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. I know how frustrating it can be when pricing on what you are looking to purchase doesn’t match up with what you are expecting, and the service you received at store 1411 must have only amplified that frustration.


Based on your post I was able to look into the television you were interested in purchasing. I believe that I have discovered the reason for the discrepancy you are describing. Because we at Best Buy value your privacy, I’ll be sending you a private message to go over the details I’ve discovered. You can check the private message by logging in to your forums account and clicking on the orange envelope in the top right corner of the web page.


I’d also like to apologize for the service you received in the store. What you described is not at all keeping with the service we seek to provide in our stores. I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention and I will be sure to document this so that we can use your experience to get better.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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