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Store mistake ( got a incorrect iPhone )

Hey, just few days back my cousin brought the iPhone from USA (Kent), as he has to send it across to me in INDIA. He did ask the stores guys to give the factory unlock piece of iPhone 7 black 128 gb. Because of their irresponsibleness they have given the wrong phone ( locked iPhone) SO NOW THAT PHONE ISNT WORKING WITH ANY SIM.

When we've contacted the store people on the same issue, they were apologizing for it. And gave us an option to send the phone across to the store for replacement. But my question to you guys is, now the phone is in India a really far way country from USA, now just because of stores people's mistake should I invest my extra bugs to send the phone to USA?

Please some one help me out .. I don't know where to post this as a complient or request!
I heard that thru IMEI num they can unlock the phone from there by stores online.

Kindly suggest me on the same n let me know how to compile on same.

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Re: Store mistake ( got a incorrect iPhone )

Best buy doesn't sell unlocked iPhone. They are universal models meant for use within the US. They will lock to one of those carriers during activation.

Also best buy doesn't or doesn't have the ability to unlock a phone. Also you have 14 days from the date of purchase to process a return.
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Universal/Unlocked iPhone 7 Fraud

Cheers fellows,


I have come to see that most of us who have fallen into the grave error of buying an iPhone 7 at Best Buy undergo similar inconvenience. 


As many of you may presume, I have also joined the club of those fooled by Best Buy and its deceptive marketing pretexts


Just a week ago, at one of your stores in Washington, DC (4500 Wisconsin Ave NW, 20016), after asking several times if I could use iPhones they sell wherever I am around the world, I was assured that it would be the case.


I then opted for a so-called "universal" and "unlocked" iPhone 7. I paid the full price.


You would anticipate the rest of this story of someone fooled by the so-called experts: Once back in Turkey, I saw that my sim-card would not be supported in this so-called universal device. 


A quick research online reveals that the only universal trait these devices have are that they are of universal lies most probably aimed at tricking customers into purchasing them. 


I imagine that as they knew that I would travel outside the US, they did not condescend to tell the truth. It would have been a fair deal and a customer saved should they have let me know beforehand that these devices are only unlocked within the US and not universally sim-card free. 


I deeply deplore that my trust in your services has been manipulated absolutely. So has been that of those who're members of this club.


I will never shop at your stores again. Nor will I ever recommend my friends and colleagues to do so. 


Kırdın beni (You've broken my heart!)


For those interested: How did I put this to an end?


- Much wow and thanks to the guideline my friend AdrianoDias provided here.

- Get a Verizon simcard from the US.

Insert no other simcard until then. This includes other US cellular service providers as they may have varying activation/locking/unlocking policies compared to Verzion.

- Put the Verizon simcard in.

- Activate your iPhone.

- Insert your local simcard.


Not with my best regards,



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Unlocket cell phone

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Dear All

couple of weeks ago we bought an unlocked iphone 6S at your store at Pembroke Pines, Fl.

We´ve been told that it was ready to use with any cell phone company in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but when we tried to do so, it was impossible.

We called Apple customer service and they confirmed that the phone is unlocked but only in the US, and that we should contact Best Buy to provide a solution.


Since we need to use the cell phone here in Buenos Aires, as soon as possible, I´d like to contact you by email or phone so that I can provide IMEI number and more receipt details. Can you  please contact me at {removed per forum guidelines}.


Thank you in advance


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Complain about Purchased unlocked IPhone which turned out to be Locked


I bought an iphone 7 plus on the 22nd of May 2017 with the full price from a BestBuy shop in the US and it was confirmed by the salesman that it's unlocked and can work on any network and when i tried to use it back in Egypt it appeared that it's Locked on AT&T and i cant use it on any network here.


I'm extremely frustrated from this situation an i need a solution from your side.

I do have all the requested data including the invoice number.

Please send an email where i can mail back the Invoice & the Device serial number.


Waiting for your prompt response



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Store Purchase-iPhone

I purchased an iPhone a week ago to use it in Overseas(UNLOCKED-supposedly).I checked with customer reps more than 3times to be sure before make a payment, they said it's UNLOCKED and can be used overseas. When they try to use the phone today, realized it's LOCKED.This is how Best Buy sells products to customers misleading them???


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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy



Currently reside abroad and just had the same thing happen to me... 

2nd iPhone 7 UNV I've purchased. The 1st was purchased through Apple and no issues there....

While the other was purchased at BestBuy and seemes to be locked.


By all the posted comments on this forum, I'd say you - BestBuy have an issue.

Your return policy is unexeptable and you wonder why you keep loosing mkt share to Amazon.


To all those who read this - DON'T purchase your unlocked / UNV iPhone at BESTBUY!!! 


Thanks - 

Another disgruntled customer.

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iPhone 7 blocked

Last month while in vacation in USA I bought an iPhone 7 and I asked the seller if the iPhone was unblocked because I'm not from the USA. He said yes because I was paying the full price 1,069,99 plus taxes. But I can't use it in my country because its blocked. I bought it in San Diego 5151 mission valey rd
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New iPhone isn't working

Dear Best Buy team, you are my favorite store when I travel abroad (I am not from US), but my last purchase was awful.

I bought an iPhone 7 on a BB store in NYC on April and the seller guaranteed that the cellphone would be unlocked so I could use here in my country. When I turned it on here, it was locked. I tried to talk to you by phone (international call!) for 3 hours yesterday and in my last call I waited for 30 minutes! Despite everyone's kindness, nobody was able to solve my problem. Writing to you here is my last option. Hope you could help me.

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Unlock Iphone

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I bought my iPhone 7 plus at Best Buy, two months ago. I hope you can help me, I recognized that it is a locked phone, I connected Rogers but they told me it´s not directly connected with them because I bought it by best buy. Is it possible to unlock my phone in your shop?

That it is locked is a big problem for me because I´m from Germany and I was only for 4 months in Canada. At the moment I´m in the USA and I have the possibility to go to one of your shops.


Thank you


Svenja (removed per forum guidelines)