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My new unlocked MOTO G 4 doesn`t work

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Hi Best Buy!
I´ve bought two Moto G (4th GEN) on 07/09/17 15 .50, number of ticket 1028 070 3849. I/ve payed with my DISCOVER (**********0952) ROSA, approval number 115226. I was assisted by Jose. He sold us two cellphones MOTO G, one was an OPEN ITEM (LP# {removed per forum guidelines} Condition: EXCELLENT CERTIFIED But, once I arrived to Buenos Aires, where I live, I could not make my sim card to be read. I first thougt it was the sim card, so I went to my telephone company to replace it, but the problem still remained. So, I went into a MOTOROLLA Service Store and I was told that the problem was at the Sim reader that has missed one of those metal spikes.
I want you to tell me what should I do.
Sorry for my poor english, I did my best and I hope you have understood. If not, and you have soeone there who speaks spanish let me know and.
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Sim not supported

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Hello, I purchased a new iPhone 7 plus 32 GB on 7/15/2017 from Best Buy #1545, at Port Arthur. {removed per forum guidelines} The iPhone was sent directly to Greece - Europe (unused, without to open the box). There was installed a Greek Sim card and the requested pin was entered succesfully but after was appeared the following message: Quote: "SIM NOT SUPPORTED" "The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information. Unquote *Please note that we tried to install also other SIM cards from a different Greek issuer but without any results. Afterwards, I came in contact with Apple's support center and they sent me the following message: Quote: "Dear {removed per forum guidelines}, According to our records, the iPhone is still locked and this type of lock is not administrated by Apple. The carrier is who has to change the status in order to unlock it." Unquote Finally when I called the Greek SIM card issuer (greek carrier), they told me that the seller must enter in the system the Activation code or to send by your side the Activation code by email in order to be forwarded to them for unlocking the device. Please advice if you could send me the requested Activation code or anyway if you could help me about this matter.

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locked iphone

My daughter ID 4180748530 went to California and while there she bought a device IPhone7 plus 128g at a Best By store. She specifically claimed for an unblocked device so that it could be used in Brazil and paid for it. As part of such purchasing event and frankly of little to no use for a consumer in Brazil, she was offered and also purchased a 2-year extended warranty . We tried to use the phone and happens that ist is locked. Considering this situation e.g. having a device of no effective use in Brazil and a 2-year warranty ​even highlighting it to the salesperson and the fact that we live in São Paulo not having plans to visit USA in the near term (2017), how Best Buy suggests I mitigate the problems caused and what could be a feasible solution?
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Re: locked iphone

The iPhones are Universal, not Unlocked. They're Universal for any US based carrier and not intended for international use. Unfortunately Best Buy does not accept international returns, so you would need to find someone in the US available for you to ship it to and return it on your behalf - all within 14 days of the original purchase date. The sales associate should not have even sold you a protection plan if you said you were international because the protection plans are for within the US only.
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Purchased Samsung S8 - Feeling Cheated

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I purchased Samsung Galaxy S8 from Instore purchase Edison USA (Best Buy Menlo Park). When I purchased the mobile, I was promised that it is having international warrenty. I confirmed it twice and thrice before making a purchase (because I purchased it to use it in India). Now when I have purchased it and brought it to India. I made a Contact to Samsung Customer care (India) and they have clearly denied that there is no International warranty with this handset and also said that Samsung does not provides any International Warranty to anyone.


After this my Brother (who stays in Edison) contacted the Store manager at Menlo park (Edison), he is clearly denying to help me in any way. I have also filed a dispute on my Credit card against Best Buy as being helpless.


Now the phone lies with me in India with no Warranty and waiting for the solution. I am really not interested to use this Phone being cheated by Best Buy.


Details of the receipt :
Purchase Date : 29 July 2017.
Receipt No : {removed per forum guidelines}
Date : 07/29/17
Time of purchase : 15:17

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Re: Purchased Samsung S8 - Feeling Cheated

Waiting for a solution to this, please