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Re: Returning a phone

1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289)  Im not 100 percent sure if that is what you can use, but here is another link HERE that may also assist you further.  outside all that Im out of ideas, good luck and I hope you find a resolution to your situation!

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I asked I want to buy unlocked iphone7 and I will use it in Korea. //A man at Folsom store it's OK

Last month 02/17/2017  

I bought iphone7 plus at Best Buy #845 (2345 IRON POINT RD FOLSOM,CA)

before that I said "I want to buy unlocked iphone 7 plus, I will use in Korea" 

A member of that store "It's possible"..


A that time I was in business trip..and had temporary t-mobile USIM.

Before pay he(a member) asked me cell phone number... ..I told him my temporary cell phone number..



After coming Korea.. I open the box..


but it is not impossible to use it Korea mobile company's usim.


I tried hard to solve the problem... but I can't.

Your company..(store, and call center) told me that "We don't sell unlocked iphone 7..." ---- oh my God  !!!!!


Apple Korea. T-mobile, AT&T(Because In My receipt contains "AT&T NEXT NEW IPHONE"

can not solve the problem..




Help me please... Because Your member told me "It is possible to buy unlocked iphone7 and use in Korea..."






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Re: I asked I want to buy unlocked iphone7 and I will use it in Korea. //A man at Folsom store it'

I paid over 1,000 $. 

Last 4 weeks  I tried to.. but.


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Re: Cell Phones Bought for International Use at Best Buy

I bought a unlocked moto g4 play 16g, but when I turned on in Brasil it turn off. How can I change this cell phone?