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Best Buy in Lincoln Nebraska, Worst Customer Service I have ever had.

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I walked into Best Buy in Lincoln NE on February 8th.  I was looking at Security Cameras.  A young salesman come over and asked me what I needed help with.


I don't have his name, did not think I needed to have his name.


I told him, I am 65 years old, I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, have a bad leg, and needed to put cameras up at about 15 feet on my walk out basement house.  Salesman pointed to the new Arlo Pro Cameras and asked me how many I would need.  I told him 4, but that the battery life was important because I did not want to be climbing up and down the ladder changing the batteries.


The Salesman said, these new Arlo Pro Camera Batteries last from 4 - 6 months....Period.  I bought the set and an extra battery beside.  Feeling that I had all the information, I took them home and with the help of my wife we installed everything as instructions had said.


The batteries were charged in each one of the cameras for over 24 hours, and the blue light was on each camera before we installed each battery.  Battery life was horrible in all 4 cameras.  I went back to Best Buy in Lincoln Ne and asked about the chargers.  I was told that they did not have any, and as of Yesterday April 24th, 2017 they still had not gotten any in nor knew when they would.


Now I am down to three cameras, since I have to use one camera to charge the batteries of the other three.


I have been talking back and forth with Netgear about my problems.  They sent me two new batteries to try, and the same thing was happening. No battery would last more than 7 to 8 days.


This was 6 weeks into the new purchase. I told Netgear I needed help.  They told me to go back to Best Buy where I bought them and I would be taken care of.


A couple days ago, I get ahold of Brandon, the Store Manager and he was polite with me over the phone. I told him about all of the above.


Brandon the Lincoln Store Manager told me to bring them back and he would see if he could set me up with cameras that would work for me.  I went in yesterday April 24th, 2017 at approximately 4:15 pm.  I asked for Brandon, he came and met with me.  Brandon even had Austin come over and they both tried to help me find other cameras that would work.  Nothing would.


I mentioned to Brandon, that first off his Sales Person should not have made me believe these cameras would last 4 - 6 months.  


Brandon then said, I will give you Store Credit for your purchase.  I took the box of cameras up to the customer service counter and when another young man was told to give me a store credit, I just said to him, I feel like this should be money put back on my Best Buy Card.


I asked to speak to Brandon again before anything took place on the return.  Brandon comes back all snotty and says what do you want now.  I said Brandon had I known that this was not going to work as your salesman had told me with the longer battery life, I would never have purchased them.


I feel Best Buy should take some resonsibility in me being led down the wrong path.  At that point Brandon yelled at me and said, I have gone above and beyond for you. Giving you Store Credit is the only thing I can do.


I politely said, then I will never buy anything more at Best Buy.  At which point he smirked and said, take your cameras and get out of here.  I said, not give me credit on my Credit Card.  Brandon said no, get out of here.


I have bought thousands of dollars from Best Buy over the years.  You can look up my many years of being a loyal buyer.  I mean in the 20 thousand dollars or more.


I gave them the information on what I needed before I bought, was led down the wrong path and still have not had a good resolution.


After coming home, I went out on line and there are hundreds of people in the same boat as I am.  Lied to and not helped.  


I feel Best Buy was rude to me, treated me like a kid.  Brandon should be reprimanded and I should get a total refund on my purchase.  If you cannot trust a salesperson in Best Buy, what good are stores.


Byron {removed per forum guidelines}  If Corporate would like to talk to me directly.  Sad you have to come on an open forum to give your complaints. I called supposedly the Corporate Office, and was redirected to this open forum.

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Re: Best Buy in Lincoln Nebraska, Worst Customer Service I have ever had.

Hello Byron, 

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent experiences at our Lincoln, NE store. Home security is important, and finding the camera that fits your needs can be difficult. Our associates should do their best to help ensure you walk out of our store satisfied.


It's incredibly discouraging to to hear the original sales associate may not have had accurate information regarding the longevity of the batteries in the Arlo Pro cameras he recommended for you. Unfortunately any return or exchange outside our typical 15 day Return & Exchange Promise would be considered an exception, even for store credit.


I apologize if the offer for store credit presented to you by Brandon only left you further disappointed when we were unable to find more suitable cameras for you, leading to you ultimately declining this resolution. With that said, this does not warrant any rudeness from our staff, and I'm truly sorry if you encountered any less than professional behavior when requesting a different resolution than what was originally offered to you.


As this purchase is well beyond our return policy though, we would not be able to provide you with a return for a refund back to your credit card. I understand that this may not be the news you were hoping for when you reached out to us here on the forum, and apologize for any additional frustration this news may cause you. Please know that your grievance has been heard though, and I will be sure your experience has been well noted so that we may have it available in the future when looking at how we may better ourselves. 



Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy in Lincoln Nebraska, Worst Customer Service I have ever had.


i think you have mishandled byrons complaint. He was given incorrect information by your sales staff so he bought the security cameras. It took several weeks of using the cameras to find out that the batteries do not last as the sales person said they would. When your store manager found this out and there was no suitable alternative available he/she should have cheerfully refunded byrons money.  The goodwill you could have earned would have encouraged others, especially injured veterans and seniors to have shopped at Best Buy. As it is, I will not ever shop at your stores and will encourage others to Avoid your callous treatment. 

Ann e v

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Re: Best Buy in Lincoln Nebraska, Worst Customer Service I have ever had.

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You are right on the money with your response.  But Best Buy will never get any of my business again.  They have a rude manager and very poorly trained staff.  Once they make the sale, you are on your own here in Lincoln NE.  I had to make a complaint to Arlo cameras, and they sent me all I need to make sure everything worked right.  They also told me that Best Buy gave me all wrong information.  


I use to buy computers, TVs, electronics, appliances, no more.  Anyone in Lincoln NE if you are considering buying from them, make sure you get things in writing.  Especially if you buy a product over 100.00.  


Byron {removed per forum guidelines}