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Bad Customer Experience and Poor Best Buy Software Purchase Support

I went to Besy Buy in Nashua, NH on August 5, 2017 to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Home to upgrade my old computer that was running Windows XP. I saw a sales associate who took me to the case were the software was locked up and gave me the box with a USB flashdrive inside. Before I bought the software, I asked the young sales associate if I could return the software if I opened it and found that my old computer would not take the install/upgrade. His exact words were, "It will be a little difficult but you should be able to exchange it or bring your computer into the store and we can help get you set up." With that, I bought the software.


Once I got home, I backed up my system which took a full day to backup on an external drive and on Sunday afternoon tried to upgrade my software. It quickly became apparent that my computer was not going to install Windows 10. After calling HP, I found out that my Pavilion a1600n will not accept an upgrade to Windows 10. 


Seeing as how I can't use the software, I took it back to Best Buy to see about a refund. I was told the store does not give refunds for open software. I asked if I could get store credit and was told Best Buy does not do store credit as that is the same thing as a refund. I met with the Assistant Store Manager who told me the same information but said if I wanted to purchase another item that he could perhaps give me a discount on the new item. I didn't see the value in this because I'm not happy with my last purchase and why would I buy another item from Best Buy at this point?


The bottom line is I'm out $119.99. The Nashua store won't refund my money and corporate won't help either. Here is my beef with Best Buy:

The young sales associate never told me that if I tried to use the software that there would be no way to get any of my money back. He also never told me to speak with an experienced computer specialist who probably would have told me not to buy the software because there is no way in hell that my old computer would accept the new software upgrade. Certainly if a sales associated had told me not to buy the software I would never have bought it. But I guess Best Buy is more concerned with helping their slumping sales than they care about helping a returning customer.


I can promise Best Buy one thing, as I also promised Circuit City with their poor return policy before they went bankrupt, that I won't make any more purchases at Best Buy until I get a full refund for this software upgrade. The store should have made sure I could use the software before I bought it and that is the bottom line. 

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Re: Bad Customer Experience and Poor Best Buy Software Purchase Support

Good morning dodgey1966,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for your feedback. I’m disappointed to hear there may have been some confusion regarding our Return & Exchange Promise during your recent trip to our Nashua, NH store, and I apologize for any disappointment this information may have caused.


While it sounds like you’ve since been told, per our Return & Exchange Promise, any software that has been opened can only be exchanged for an identical item, and we regrettably cannot offer to return your software. I am glad the store was willing to go beyond our return policy and offer a discount on a new item, however I’m sorry if their offer was not the resolution you were looking for.



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Re: Bad Customer Experience and Poor Best Buy Software Purchase Support

Well, I disagree with your statement that the store went above store policy. Selling me another item at a discount sounds like Best Buy gets the benefit of that deal, wouldn't you say?


In any event, I see how Best Buy operates now. I only get burnt once. Best Buy won't burn me again and I'll be sure to let others know of Best Buy sales and business practices. As I stated, Best Buy's sales person sold me the item without asking ANY questions about my application. That's wrong and I can only hope others will make a stand against that type of sales and business tactics. I know Best Buys sales are not so good but this is no way to treat a customer.