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2nd Complaint as the 1st was ignored.

To be fair, the 1st complaint was in conjunction with a delivery survey. Perhaps it got lost. So I will try again to get to the correct people.


I bought a Hisense 55" TV as my backup basement TV in December. We had the free delivery, but not by Geek Squad. Before you start with I should have had them do it and everything would have been fine, I have been designing and installing home theater systems for over 20 years. The last time I let a tech in, the Dish tech ruined my entertainment center, Klipsch Reference center channel and Yamaha receiver. It was a direct replacement of a 57" Toshiba, so I'm pretty sure the complexity was at a minimum.


I hooked up the 55" with HDR and we loved the picture. However it made an awful noise turning on, and switching inputs. This is no huge problem as I know not everything can be perfect.


The problem was when I took it back to exchange it. I was the one inconvenienced and the people at the 10025 N Michigan Rd, Carmel, IN 46032 Best Buy treated me quite poorly. I was the one inconveniencing them. Now when boxing the unit up I did miss repacking the remote. They made me look like an idiot in front of many customers. The woman behind the counter said, "it is your duty to pack up all that came with the TV!" I did let her know I would have had no duty had the TV been good. Again I was inconvenienced to the tune of an hour on a Sunday.


Here is where it gets good. She says we will be charged $20 for the remote. I said I would bring it back in a few minutes and she stated, "you can, but it's still $20." At this point exchanging the TV was out of the question. When I go up to get the credit on the credit card it's now $40 for the remote. I worked for a Best Buy and Magnolia supplier and we never got money back or a lesser credit taken from Best Buy for an incomplete return.  I would truly like to see this "you can't bring it back in a few minutes" rule.


I have spent a fair deal on computers, monitors, Apple products, movies and TV's in the past, but I can't really see that happening again. I am quite pleased with my $40 worthless remote!  Thanks