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iPad Charger Broken in One Month

This is the complaint!


I bought an iPad pro on on July 22nd, and the charger did not work on Thursday this week. It is scary not only my iPad would not charge but also it came with wave sounds and burning smell when I was trying to use this charger again.


I contacted your customer service immediately, and the agent scheduled a Geek Squad appointment on Saturday for me. I came to the local Best Buy store today, and the Geek Squad guy told me I should replace the power adapter in the Apple store, I had to drive to Apple store for help!


Either Best Buy store or Apple store is far away from my apartment, driving all around the city is tiring and time-consuming! Why not just told me that I could make the replacement in the Apple store in the beginning?


What's worse, when I finally came to Apple store, the agent told me this charger (the power adapter exactly) was not the typical one for iPad pro, and they did not have this kind of item back up in the store, I had to wait for another couple of days for shipment!


It is unacceptable because I am using iPad a lot for study! I bought a new adapter by MYSELF finally!


That is a quite disappointing purchase experience, why the charger came with my iPad is not a typical one?


This is a quite disappointing after-sale service as well! You could tell me to ask Apple for help directly in the very beginning! I drove through the city, got tired and had nothing done!



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Re: iPad Charger Broken in One Month

Undoetinarly things break and/or are defective and people on the phone do not always have the ability to determine whether something can be fixed on-store or whether something must go to Apple so they cannot always just tell automatically that you needed to go to Apple for that.

I DO NOT work for Best Buy. I used to be a Geek Squad Agent for 2 years and this is why I am well versed on their policies and procedures, but I do not work for them anymore. My posts are my own opinions and do not represent any opinions of Best Buy. If you do not like my posts, and want to report me, you can do so by clicking this link and reporting me to the moderators.
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Re: iPad Charger Broken in One Month

Hello HULFred,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums.  I use my iPad every day, so I understand how frustrating it must be to have your charger stop working, especially so soon after purchase. I apologize that the process of getting this resolved wasn’t completely smooth for you.


As Mbrguy noted, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose an issue like this over the phone without getting a hands-on look at the product in question. That why our phone support Agents will, when needed, set you up with a reservation to speak with a Geek Squad agent. Regrettably sometimes product problems aren’t something that we at Geek Squad can resolve and we’ll need to refer you to the manufacturer for assistance. I agree that tour phone support could have provided you with the option to visit Apple directly for support, and I’ll be sure to document your suggestion in our corporate systems. Thanks very much for sharing this insight.


Regarding the charger on your iPad being atypical, the only thought I have on that is that you may have purchased the previous generation iPad Pro. It is possible that Apple was expecting the charger for the most recent model, and that they don’t generally stock the charges from the previous model. Without actually seeing the charger, however, I can’t give you an exact diagnosis.

I hope that Apple is able to get you your replacement charger quickly. You mentioned that you purchased a charger to use in the meantime. If you purchased that charger from us, you’ll have fifteen days to bring it back under our Return & Exchange Promise for a refund.


Thanks again for letting us know that your experience with us didn’t live up to your expectations. I hope that we’ll be able to use your feedback to provide you with a better experience the next time you shop with us. If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please let me know.



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Re: iPad Charger Broken in One Month

Thank you for your reply!


Yes, the iPad I bought is iPad pro 9.7, it might be the reason why they did not have the corresponding charger in stock. Unfortunately, I bought the new charger in the Apple store.


And thank you for considering adding "visit Apple directly" as an option. Things like charger are only accessories, it is not expensive and easy to be replaced. I think that will benefit your future customers.


Again, thanks for your reply!