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What's the point of Geek Squad?

I mean seriously. What good are they? I bought a tv back in 2015 and was offered a choice between a 2 year plan and a 5 year one. I chose the 2 year plan and was asured that it would cover any and ALL damages within that time frame. Well it's 2017 and my year brother cracked the tv and I call geek squad thinking I'm glad I bought this plan. Guess what? I was told the plan I had didn't cover the damages, only normal wear and tear. Seems the store employee who offered the plan failed to mention there were three types and he only offered the one with pretty much crap coverage. So the money I spent meant nothing and was a complete waste, so thanls for that. For god sakes best buy train your employees. Trust I'll never be using that service ever again.

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Re: What's the point of Geek Squad?

To answer your question, Geek Squad is good for a multitude of products. Personally i buy GSP on almost everything i buy from BBY. This is because its like insurance, i have gone through countless number of headphones because they just quit working. As you may have discovered GSP do not cover physical damage. In my field of work i encountered a customer where her TV got fried due to a storm even though it was plugged in a grounded power strip. Everything else worked fine, except the TV. A GSP would cover her TV in that scenario. Thats what GSPs are good for, anything that happens to your product, as long as its not physical damage, they will repair or replace it.
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Re: What's the point of Geek Squad?

Okay but here's the thing. I was lead to believe by THEIR employee that the GSP covered physical damage. So pretty I was lied to and wasted MY hard earned money in the process. I was never told there were different types of plans. Only that there was a choice between a two year and fire year one. So what I thought was worth something was nothing but a waste and I'd had been better off not buying the protection plan all together.

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Re: What's the point of Geek Squad?

Greetings Treveyon,


I’m sorry to hear about the damage that’s occurred to your TV. I know how truly upsetting an experience like that can be.

 Jsx2 did a great job of explaining our Geek Squad Protection. It’s something we’re truly proud to offer our customers as it’s designed to keep your products covered against almost anything that can go wrong internally. I personally know how making a large electronic purchase and only having in most cases a one year warranty is unsettling. Most of the items we buy are an investment that we hope to keep and use for the years to come.


Physical damage is not something Best Buy currently offers support for, with the exception of cell phones. I understand you state you were provided different information but it’s always been our policy and do the best we can to make that information transparent to our customers. Whenever a plan is sold the terms and conditions are signed for at the time of purchase.


I know televisions can be repaired depending on the extent of the crack/damage and would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer for details. If you wish to longer keep your Geek Squad protection plan you can also visit any of our stores for a pro-rated refund.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to let me know



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