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Terrible customer service after $1100+ dollar purchase

I had the unfortunate experience of buying a Samsung Washer and Dryer from my local Battlefield, MO Best Buy.  The washer of course, had the infamous exploding recall. After having it "fixed," the machine shakes uncontrollably even after checking that it is level with an even load within the machine. So one strike there for having a dangerous washing machine.


Then came the dryer. Just outside of the best buy elite plus 45 day return window, my dryer starts acting up with a constant loud chirping sound while it's running. Called samsung to schedule a warranty service and after being put on hold several times and filling out a lengthy and buggy online form, finally got some samsung techs to come and fix the issue. They didn't introduce themselves at the door, took apart the whole machine, replaced some little piece of plastic and went on their way. These kids looked like they were from high school and there's nothing wrong with looking young, however Samsung should be telling their techs to at least wear pants without holes in them. Call me old fashioned, but having some young punky kids with raggy clothes claiming to be professional samsung techs was extremely offputting. Anywho, the dryer was quiet for a couple weeks but started chirping up a storm again. So being lenient, I'd say strike 2 but worth an extra strike for the unprofessionalism and inconvenience however this was more samsung than best buy, but still.


I'm not done yet. I put in some queen sized sheets to have washed and dryed for some guests coming this week. Washing was loud and clunky but finished without exploding. Put the sheets in the dryer and after the load was done, I opened up the dryer door to a nice set of wet and cold sheets. Checked the obvious things, lint filter, vent hose, outlet, all clear. Called samsung and went through trouble shooting steps, resulting in a likely broken heating unit within the dryer. So decided to try and put in the towels from the washing machine I had put in after starting the sheets in the dryer just for the heck of it. Let it finish and found (drum roll) wet and stinky towels that I have for my guests to use this week. Awesome! Thanks Samsung and Best Buy!


Tried going to my local Battlefield, MO Best Buy only to hear that the managers and basially anyone that can potentially help me were out on vacation for an entire week (which I highly doubt). Best Buy employee recommended I call Samsung and there was nothing he could do, even though he agreed I likely received lemon units and would also be as frustrated as I was. Sure sure, either way I received no help and just wasted my time there.


Went home and called Best Buy corporate and after requesting to speak to appliances, got hung up on once, called back and was forwarded to home theater, only to get hung up on once again. Eventually was connected to a home appliance associate, Corey, after calling back a 3rd time. He was "highly trained" and refused to connect me to a manager. I'm sorry, it doesn't take much training to connect anyone with a manager. He was not helpful and insisted even though I am an elite plus member, he couldn't do anything and kept refusing to both connect me with a manager or provide any useful help. He couldn't even set up a repair. Strike 3.


Best Buy is supposed to be all about customer satisfaction and I am one extremely unhappy customer. I have purchased upwards of $10,000 dollars worth of appliances alone for my parents and myself in the past two years and this is how Best Buy handles it. All I want to do is exchange for a different brand. Unfortunately it seems Best Buy doesn't appreciate or want my business and unless they can find a way to get my washer and dryer replaced, I will definitely never shop at Best Buy or recommend this company again.