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Service repair mess-up

Worst experience ever trying to get my computer repaired/replace.  Senario :  Computer not working under manufactures warrenty.  Turned in.  Repaired.  (2weeks) Have it back one week. Still broke.  Turn in again.  Should be priority due to being fixed once already.  3 weeks  not fixed yet.  called Best buy.  pushed up somewhere.  Call received from Geek Squad City.  Part on back order.  Will request replacement.  Email received to replace.  call to store to arrange pick up.  told NOPE has been fixed , will be returned next week - week 4.  Request info for assisstance.  told to call 888BESTBUY.  Did that.  told same thing - was approved for replacement but being fixed.  Expeidiated it back to geek squad city.  (waiting on that call)  meanwhile called to make complaint.  ALL complaints are farmed out to non english speaking people.  when requested to speak to someone in english.  was placed on hold for 17 minutes, only to find that i was transfered to wrong department.  Now that lady was nice she is transferring me to MN to customer relations ????   NOPE.  wrong department.  Now she wants to transfer me back to geek squad.

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Re: Service repair mess-up

Hello User375985 –


Welcome to the forums and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m disheartened after reading about the chain of events you’ve experienced while trying to get your computer repaired. Clearly there’s been some miscommunication here, and I sincerely apologize for the delays and clear frustration this has caused.


That said I was able to locate and review the logs from your calls, and your service order. After reviewing the details it looks like shorty after we made the replacement request with HP due to the part backorder the required part became available. Because of this I suspect the replacement notice email was sent in error, as HP has instructed us to complete repairs instead of replacing your computer under warranty.


Additionally, I see in the logs from your calls that one of the phone agents you spoke with has filed an escalation for this, the results of should determine the outcome. Once the escalation is addressed you should receive a response, however in the meantime if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to post again.



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