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Service Issue and Complaint

To whom it may concern: I am writing to share my latest experience with Best Buy and their Geek Squad service.   In December 2015 we walked in to the Best Buy in Pueblo, Co. and purchased a $3000 tv that was exactly what we were hoping for:  75 inch screen, 4K, 3D!  We were so proud and excited and couldn’t wait to start enjoying it.  We also bought the Geek Squad two-year protection plan for a couple hundred bucks or so.  All went well until April or May of 2017 – not even two years later – the tv stopped working.  Thank God for the two-year protection plan, right?  Maybe.   Altogether, the Geek Squad guys came to our house 4 times to make diagnoses and repairs, spending about an hour or more and replacing different internal components each time including two power supply components, mother board, and a control unit.  Nothing worked even after trying to upload new software onto the new motherboard.  After the last visit it was deemed that the next step was to either replace the panel or get us a new tv.  At least one more visit to our home was needed to be scheduled.  Argh! We expressed our concerns to the Geek Squad repair guys who we had seen so much of in our home over the last month, we even joked about it with them.  Richard was really good at explaining the situation at this level.  Ultimately, he directed us to call an 800 number for Geek Squad customer service and get and authorization code to further the process, which we tried.  This was not a good experience.  We got nowhere with the gentleman on the phone, Christopher I believe was his name.  Very little customer service effort was given.  He would or could not offer up any additional information that would solve our problem or help put us at ease.  He told us that we would have to accept a 75 inch 4K without 3D because that was the most comparable product and that “manufacturers were no longer making 3D”.  We protested because we feel that we shouldn’t have to give up such a major feature of our $3000 tv and that there were other, more comparable models available that would work for us.  We asked for an alternative solution.  He offered none other than to simply accept the non-3D replacement tv which was unacceptable to us.  He made sure to attempt to sell us on the fact that the replacement tv has “better technology” in it, referring to the “high dynamic range technology” as if that was going to make up for not being 3D.  I inquired about an LG model advertised on Best Buy’s website that had all the same features as the one we bought.  He replied it was unavailable for shipping to us.  I offered up possible solutions to this problem but he continued to repeat the fact that it was not available to ship to us.  Wouldn’t even listen, kept repeating himself.  His ultimate response was to call the store and “deal with them” and that “maybe they can do something more for you”.  After I had become a bit frustrated on the phone, he did not even offer up the idea of talking to a manager or anyone else who could assist.  Instead, he decides to become upset himself and raise his voice to me, as if HE had something to be upset about.  “What do you want from me” was another unproductive response.  I had to ask to talk to a manager since it didn’t occur to him to get help.  I was denied the opportunity to talk with someone else as his reply was that it could take up to 24 hours for a manager to call me back because no one was there to more effectively handle my problem.  We never received the authorization code we were promised from this customer service representative of Best Buy Geek Squad. We did go back into the Pueblo Best Buy store and spoke with the Geek Squad manager Tim.  He appeared to want to help but was unable.  We heard more canned responses such as “they are no longer making 3D tvs” and that the comparable tvs are the ones that had no 3D and the “better technology”!  We even asked about that LG tv that was unavailable for delivery (we thought it was in California based on info from their website).  Tim did look through inventories for us in different stores out west and found one in Hawaii.  He said that they were unable to get that one as well, no specific reason given.  We also inquired about the possibility of revisiting the fixing of our broken tv (by replacing the panel) and we were initially told that it was too expensive which is why we were to receive a replacement instead.  Then we were told that replacing the panel was a possibility at first but it was “unavailable” because manufacturers were no longer making 3D tvs.  We then asked about the most comparable AVAILABLE 75 inch 4K 3D tv and it was $8000.  We were denied this as well because it was at too high a price point.  He was giving us the exact same “solutions” to our problem, quoting policy, and saying that the alternatives were unavailable and too pricy.  Ultimately we got nowhere.  We were simply told to call another manager higher up on the corporate ladder who might be able to help us out.   Hello, there is a $3000 unresolved warranty issue floating around out here and no one is even following up with us!  As of the writing of this letter, it has been four weeks since our last communication with Best Buy.  Once again we feel as if we are having to solve these problems ourselves and not Best Buy management. We are not those types of people who want something for nothing!  We simply want the most comparable product that your stores promise.  We don’t want to loose major features!  This would be like sending your steak and lobster back in a restaurant and getting back a hamburger and fish sticks – at the same price!  Please do the right thing.  We’re not looking for a product that is more than twice what we paid but if that is THE comparable product then make this situation right and replace our tv that we bought in good faith with a 75 inch 4K 3D tv.  It’s not our fault this $8000 is at such a high price point (besides, if they were no longer making 3D tvs anymore why not offer a solution based on this unit versus selling it on closeout).  Anyway $8000 is the RETAIL price not Best Buy’s cost price.  No one on your team can even think outside of the box and offer us a creative deal such as meeting us somewhere in the middle with regards to price.  Oh right, Geek Squad policy. And why not get us one from Hawaii or search somewhere else NOT JUST WEST OF COLORADO!  Here’s another chance to do the right thing and demonstrate good customer service.  We would be perfectly happy to have the $2700 LG tv instead of the $8000 tv.  By the way, you are still advertising this one on your website! Really good customer service would be something like getting us a replacement tv from a competitor or elsewhere as tvs that match our specs are readily available all over the internet.   Really great customer service would be refunding our money so that we may go elsewhere to replace our tv with the same specs. Regurgitating policy is YOUR solution to YOUR perceived problems of availability and price points but it doesn’t solve ours.  You’ve probably heard it a million times before with customer complaints but we have just recently spent a ton of money in your store and even more throughout the decades and would like to continue doing so.  Or we could initiate our own personal policy of no longer buying from you and recommending other companies to our family and friends.  After all, THERE IS NOTHING IN YOUR STORE THAT WE CAN’T GET SOMEWHERE ELSE OR ONLINE AT A LESSER PRICE!   According to this Best Buy website:  “Best Buy is a leading provider of technology products, services and solutions. The company offers expert service…” Please do the right thing and reconsider our options as we have presented several really good customer service solutions you could employ if the drive and effort were there.  Please live up to your own words and expertly provide leading services and solutions to our problem and end our recent torment.  Imagine the loyalty, praise, repeat business, and word of mouth advertising that it would inspire!  What is that worth to a business in this economy with all the competition out there? Let’s bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion that makes sense, put an end our frustrations, and continue our mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you. Nels