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Samsung/Best Buy - NO help with defective TV

                   I am reaching out to you and your team in hopes that you can help with a consumer issue I have experienced with a Samsung product purchased from Best on 1/26/16. I have gone through 10 phone calls, 2 attempted repairs, and have received no return phone calls from Samsung, who I had the 1 year manufacturer's warranty through. I did not purchase an extended warranty from Best Buy because of this thinking I would not have to spend extra money to insure that my brand new television would work properly after being recommended from your television sales department when visiting the store during the buying process.

                  In January of 2016, I purchased a Samsung Ultra HD 4K 2160P 60” TV, model # UN60JU6500FXZA from after high recommendations from “experts” at a local Best buy store.

                  In less than one year’s time and during the regular warranty period, the television began to experience what is commonly called as “juddering” in the picture, especially evident during fast moving events as in sports actions. Juddering is described as stutter-like picture behavior, causing the picture to skip. Needless to say, this is quite disturbing while watching an event and totally unacceptable.

                  In an attempt to repair the problem under the warranty period, I first contacted Samsung back in November 2016 and a case was established. Samsung dispatched their 3rd party repair affiliate, Williston TV repair who, who diagnosed the problem as a possible replacement of new electronic parts. While disappointed that such a major warranty repair was required, I relied on Samsung’s and their affiliate’s expertise that this problem would be resolved.

                  After repairs were subsequently completed, the “juddering” still existed, and in fact, was actually worse than before. I then re-contacted Samsung to determine what their next course of action could be to fix this issue. Samsung then escalated this matter to their Executive Customer Relations department and advised that a decision would be made in 5-10 business days to either refund my purchase or exchange the TV to one that would work properly.

                  After Samsung’s repeated failure to contact me, I again was forced to initiate contact with them. When I finally reached someone, I reluctantly agreed to a 2nd repair. During the scheduled repair appointment, the SAME repair specialist was assigned to this matter. Recognizing my name, he called me prior to returning to my home and explained to me that he had previously advised Samsung that my television was irreparable. He added that Samsung informed him that there was no problem with the TV and that the “juttering” was a normal function.

                  My last ditch effort was to go to the source of purchase, both at the Best Buy store that recommended the TV and also contacting customer service department since I was informed the two are separate entities. Although this “juttering” problem is a well known fact, both advised that it is a Samsung problem and does not rest with the retailer. My question is, then why recommend and sell a product with known deficiencies? And also, I am going to be punished for not purchasing a 'make sure it works' warranty on an almost $2,000 television recommended by your sales associate?

                  In conclusion, it is evident based on many online complaints that this “juttering” or motion problem is an inherent problem in this TV and that that Samsung has failed to acknowledge and/or repair. After their initial response to repair my TV, Samsung has routinely failed to re-contact me to resolve this issue although they first promised to stand behind their warranty by “repairing or replacing” my faulty product. Their last comment was that “this juttering is the normal functioning of the television that we cannot control”. My question is “then why sell that product?” It is quite clear that neither Samsung nor Best Buy is standing behind the product and I, as the consumer is at a loss after exhausting many good faith efforts to resolve this issue. I figured, regardless of warranty, and given the hellish experience I have had with attempting to go through Samsung countless times over the last 4 months, only to get nowhere, Best Buy would help a frequent customer of theirs with the exchange and return process. I'd like to simply exchange this television for a properly fucntioning television from YOUR store, not take my money and run elsewhere as my family and I have always trusted and enjoyed Best Buy with all of our electronics purchases.

                  I kindly thank you for your time and consideration in resolving this matter.

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Re: Samsung/Best Buy - NO help with defective TV

Hello tampa3535,


To say that I rely upon my TV would make it sound as if I have no life at all and maybe should read a few more books (which I probably should anyway, truth be told), but it's true: my TV is a key source of entertainment and information in my home, just as I'm sure it is in yours. i was disheartened to read of your experience in seeking repairs for your TV through Samsung and I sincerely regret that you've had to cope with such circumstances.


Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). Outside those time frames Best Buy cannot offer a return or exchange.


Additionally, Best Buy cannot extend Geek Squad Protection coverage to your TV as you did not elect to purchase the plan. It would be unfair to our customers who opted to pay for a protection plan were Best Buy to offer such coverage to those who did not.


With that being said, Geek Squad should be able to offer assistance with repairs for your TV, but as the manufacturer's warranty has now elapsed, further service would be at your expense.


I'm sorry I do not have better news or another option for you. Please know I'm grateful you took the time to share your experience with us.



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Re: Samsung/Best Buy - NO help with defective TV

I am having the same problem with a Samsung UN40JU6500F UHD TV also purchased at Best Buy and also recommended as one of the best. Mine was bought Dec. 18, 2015 and started flickering just outside the warranty period. I too was told that this tv is defective and must be repaired and have seen other posts on the internet involving this series of tv's as well. Fortunately and I hope this is true for you I purchased mine with a credit card which offers extended warranty services on merchandise bought with the card. So if you used a credit card give them a call because most offer this. Good luck to you. I will also add that I too am disappointed with both Samsung and Best Buy at this point. If there is a known defect in a product a company should stand by their products and replace defective merchandise without question.


Hope this helps.