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Retrieving data


I should preface this in saying I've been trying to talk to as many people as possible about this - leave no stone unturned, I suppose.

I purchased an ASUS laptop about 3 years ago from Best Buy and haven't had any issues with it. I had purchased the full warranty and protection plan upon my first purchase, and renewed it last year, so all of my repairs have been covered. This message is not about satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the product, it's more about other situations that have interfered.


A few weeks ago I dropped off my laptop [full protection plan] for some repairs, and I turned down data backup because I had my stuff backed up on an external drive. A little time went by and the laptop was returned but was still having issus with the screen so it was sent back. Earlier today I went to the store to check on the status of the laptop. What I was told was that I would be covered for a replacement. The agents told me that this was a brand new change to my account, and that was probably why I hadn't been contacted. This is all well and good.


...EXCEPT that in the time since I dropped my laptop off, my external data back up was stolen and now I no longer have the files from the computer.

All of this to say, I am hoping/praying/sending positive vibes/etc. that there might be a way to still get the data from the laptop. I am willing to pay whatever necessary for data recovery, but I am worried that the laptop may already have been junked out. I am writing this post as the last way I possibly know of trying to explain to someone the situation at hand. I am trying every way to reach out that I know until I get a phone call about the replacementt - for some reason this is coming from corporate, usually they would do this in-store but not for this specific situation. The store told me my best bet was talking to corporate about the situation when I got that call. (I have not gotten the call yet.) I also reached out to agents via telephone and through the chat services online. They, too, told me that that was going to be the best course of action.


I apologize for being verbose and rambling, but I am trying everything I can to try and see if there is a way to get the data back before it is lost forever on a junked out laptop. As I said, I would be willing to pay whatever necessary for data recovery


Any advice, guidance, or people/offices to call about the situation (or even just a friendly assurance to talk to the folks on the phone when I get called) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Retrieving data

Hi ajdittmar,


Thanks for reaching out to us here, and being a photographer that is always backing up their images I can understand how upsetting this must be. As long as the service center hasn't shipped the laptop off to be recycled we could most likely back up your data for a fee, but the faster we move on this the better.


Could you send me a private message with your name, your phone number, and your latest service order number? To send me a private message click on the message button to the right of my signature.



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