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Re: Overseas Support (EU)

Hello, i bought the motog4 plus in los angeles in september 2016,but the port has been going bad last few months and just completely stopped more wiggling to get it to im in europe for an extended period in Czech rep.....what can i do? Is there a moto service center, what proof of sales do i  need,  can they repair , can i bet thus info logged for if i can make it back to US for repair begore the year warranty is up?


Options please, its my primary phone and its dead....

Also the camera lens of plastic is not viewable anymore....


please email or case i dont get notified here...of a response.

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Re: Overseas Support (EU)

Hello Hardtennis,


Welcome to our forums. I was disheartened to hear you’re having issues with your recent phone purchase, and I can only imagine how you being overseas for an extended period of time has exacerbated this dilemma.


While I won’t be able to call or email you with this information, I was able to locate Motorola’s Warranty, which you can see here. Unfortunately, it looks like you would only be able to get your Moto G4 Plus serviced in the country it was purchased from. If you are able to arrange someone here in the U.S. to receive your phone and get it serviced for you, that may resolve your issue.


Hope this helps,

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