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Re: Issuing a complaints to Corporate Best Buy

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I am writing to share an unsettling experience we had with a floor manager name Nick at the Brighton, MI store. 


We were given a TV w/ a 5 year warranty as a Gift from our daughter in 2015. It quit working on Friday, March 17, 2017. Unfortunately, we were hosting and event that required our TV on the evening of Saturday, March 18th. Therefore, we brought our TV into the Brighton Store, which was also the point of original purchase. We decided that we were going to upgrade & pay the difference, and requested a Rapid Exchange Exception.  Once the costumer service rep. entered our info. into her computer, she disappeared and we were approached by Nick. 


Unfortunately, he is not skilled in the basic etiquette of Costumer Service. He did not introduce himself,  ask if he could help or inquire as to our need. He simply approached and said, "We do not do in store rapid exchanges." When I tried to explain that our daughter is a 3 year Best Buy employee in TX, and while I understand rapid exchange is not the the preferred first step, that due to our immediate need of a working TV and our desire to upgrade our purchase, that we were requesting an exemption, which is a possible option. 


His response was, "Your daughter is wrong. Best Buy does not do rapid exchange exceptions.Your warranty is service first." He then walked away. I asked to see his manager, but all all customer service reps were avoiding eye contact. I approached a rep and asked to speak to  the store manager. He walked over to Nick, who was at a printer, and then we waited. Nick eventually came back with a printed copy of our warranty. He sat the pile of papers on the counter and said he had printed them so that we could read them and know what it says. I asked to see the manager, to which he stated, "I am the "Service Manager" and you will have to take your tv back home and call an 800 number to schedule an appointment for a tech to come out and assess wether our tv should be repaired or replaced, which would take 2+weeks."  We asked if a tech could look at it now since it was sitting on the floor behind the counter, but he said the did not have the expertise or the parts to do this.


I tried to re-explain that my daughter works at Best Buy, purchased the TV for us as a gift, and told us to bring it in and ask for the rapid exchange exemption so that we can upgrade our tv and have a working TV for that evening's event. We asked to speak to his boss.


His reply was that the answer would be the same. We asked once again to speak to his boss & he told us he wasn't in the store. When we asked when he would be in the store, he said he did not know. We then asked that he check the schedule, because we would like to speak with him/her. He went into the back & came back with a card and said his Store Manager wanted my daughter to email him... although he never made to purpose of an email clear. 


My husband then asked, "So what you are telling me is that you cannot give us a rapid exchange?" Nick said, "I am saying I won't." I said, "so you can, but you are saying you won't." Nick then told me not to put words in his mouth." 


We were then offered an opportunity to pay 250$ for an "open box" TV, keep it until our tv is fixed and then bring it back into the store to return it. So, we would then be required to pay to have a working tv, walk out of the store with 2 TVs, go home and schedule a service tech appt., wait to see if our tv is fixable, and then either carry the open box tv back to the store, or both the open box tv and our unrepairable tv to the store to return open-box loaner AND exchange our broken tv.  He confirmed that this was our only option ... which seems like a system that puts all of the work and inconvenience on an existing customer, me. 


He then instructed us to take our broken tv back home and schedule an appointment. 


While I know rapid return exceptions are possible, he was unwilling to bend the preferred process. However, he was more than happy to sell us a tv for us to use for a few weeks and then return it for a refund. He was also more than happy to make us transport a tv back home and call for service while NEVER offering to send it out for service for us being that it was already in the store ... which I believe to be a common store process as well. 


Nick was condescending upon first approach. Using words like don't and won't instead of can't, insisting my daughter does not know store processes as a fellow employee in another store, and printing out our service warranty and recommending we read it so we can understand what it says - which should be against store policy, if it is not. 


So, we picked up the tv, brought it back home, and did not have a working TV for our scheduled event that evening.  


The way I see it, there was absolutely no courtesy or service shown to us as paying costumers, even though we were wanting to pay more for an upgraded tv. The store would have received close to the $250 cost of the recommended open-box loaner tv, our broken tv that needs repair regardless, and the fixed tv to put in your open-box inventory for future income. 


I am hopeful that you will make this right. We are still requesting that we be granted a Rapid Exchange Exception and be allowed to make an upgraded purchase. We are willing to bring our broken TV back into the store to make this happen.  


As a long time costumer and parents of a valued employee of your company, we look forward to working with you to remedy this frustrating situation.



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Re: Issuing a complaints to Corporate Best Buy

Hello Sgacrock and Welcome to the Best Buy forums

When visiting or shopping at any of our many stores all our customers should be treated with respect and with a professional manor. that being said I am sure our moderators will be documenting your feedback and sending it to the stores leadership.

As for Rapid exchange the customer service reps are correct and I can tell you personally there is no way to process a Rapid Exchange on a tv. Only devices that qualify for Rapid Exchange are Phones, Surface book, Surface pro, Xbox, and PS4 keep in mind even though these devices are rapid exchange they would still need to wait 5-7 days for a replacement to be given via Rapid Exchange.

Now if you are asking about a exception return where a return is done out of the Best buys return policy 15 days 30 days, 45 days then unfortunately Best Buy would not be able to offer a return / Exchange.

if your TV is 42inch and above and has a protection plan I would recommend to call 1-800-433-5778 to schedule an appointment for repair.
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Re: Issuing a complaints to Corporate Best Buy

Greetings Sgacrock


I’m sorry to hear that your TV is not working as it should. I also want to apologize for the way you were treated and overall experience you had at Brighton store. I understand how frustrating it having a TV go out especially at such an inconvenient time.


Poprex911 did a great job of explaining our procedure for TVs that require service but are covered under a Geek Squad Protection plan. We are truly proud of the plan we offer our customers and it’s a great way to make sure their items are protected. I’m glad you have coverage on your TV as it will ensure it gets taken care of at no cost to you. That being said, I am unable to accommodate your request for an exception exchange as that is not our procedure. I completely understand the urgency to have an operational unit in your home and the stores leadership reserves the right to decline your request.


The conversation you and Nick had is something I truly want to address and want to make sure it is shared with the appropriate leadership. While the information he provided is correct, the delivery is absolutely unacceptable. A television is an investment and when it ceases to function, it can be extremely stressful. All of our Blue Shirts in store and leadership are expected to treat our customers with a high level of compassion and respect at all times. I want to sincerely apologize for the way this information was conveyed to you and assure you that your words will be forwarded to his overseeing leaders.


I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had thus far with us. I hope you give us a call so we can get an agent to your home right away to diagnose your television. If there is anything else I can address or answer, please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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