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Re: Geek Squad and Best Buy incompetence...

12/11/16 I took my laptop (1 yr old) and my PC (6 yrs. old) to the Bloomington IL Geek Squad for diagnostics because I had spent 4 mos. at a local hotel with unprotected wifi.  I also wanted to have the Norton protection removed and WebRoot installed on the PC.  We were having no problems with either computer--I was just being prudent.  First, we had to return with the laptop because it had slowed down considerably.  The tech said that we should buy more RAM, 8 gigsworth.  I told him at that time to leave the other 4 RAM in the computer.  When we picked up the computer, another tech brought it out and there, in a plastic sleeve, was the 4 RAM stick which I had asked to be left in the computer.  The new tech replaced it and asked up to be patient--the first tech was a newbie, after we told him that neither computer was having a problem before we brought it in.  Next we had to return it after online techs told us the system was fragmented beyond repair and we had to have the system wiped and Windows 10 reinstalled.  Newt the PC started to act up so we took it in--again telling the tech that the computer was working properly before we brought it in for diagnostics.  The computer was working slower than usual booting up and loading programs.  This time, we were sold a solid state drive.  They were going to remove Windows 7 and put it on the solid state drive.  When we got it they had loaded a 32 bit Windows 7 instead of the 64 bit we originally had.  We took it back again to get this fixed and the tech suggested wiping both drives and 64 bit Windows 10 was installed on the SSD.  Imagine my surprise when I attempted to load my USB's I had saved two Microsoft Office documents on.  There was no longer Microsoft Office on my PC.  This morning I took the computer back again only to have the dept. manager tell me he can't reload it without a product key.  Since I bought this computer, with Windows Office already installed, I have spent 7 years taking care of my mother with dementia, had my husband suffer cardiac arrest and spend a year recuperating, and moved 3 times.  Now you and I both know that, since the problems with this computer happened as a result of an untrained newbie, Geek Squad should be responsible for replacing Microsoft Works at no charge to me.  You can check my buying history and see that I have been a good customer of Best Buy.  You will either fix this problem or my business will go elsewhere.  I also promise to make my opinion of Bloomington's Best Buy and Geek Squad known to family and friends.  I expect to hear from you within the week.

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Re: Geek Squad and Best Buy incompetence...

Hi jomafi2,


I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on this. We’re working hard to answer all the questions that came in to us over the busy holiday season.  As someone who was a Geek Squad Agent for many years I know how frustrating it can be to have new problems constantly pop up on a computer.


I hope I can offer some explanation as to what may have happened with your computers. As for the laptop’s RAM, often times a laptop may have limited slots available to install RAM sticks, and the 4 GB stick may have been left out because of that. Sometimes when you mix sticks of different sizes or speeds it can actually cause the computer to perform worse, so they may have left the 4 GB stick out for that reason. Without actually getting hands on with your computer I can’t say for sure on this, but those are the two explanations that immediately spring to mind for me. Let me know if that isn’t clear and I can try explaining it in a different way.


Concerning your desktop, it is not surprising that a computer of that age could be having hard drive issues. Installing a solid state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make to a computer, so I’m happy they suggested that to you. I’m sorry that it was not properly explained that your programs would be lost in the transition. For a computer that shipped with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office included, you likely had a limited version of Office such as Office Starter 2010 installed.  The good news on that is that there is a much more up to date and fuller featured free office suite called LibreOffice available. It is fully compatible with any previous Microsoft Office files you have, and if you head over to our remote support page and click on “chat now” an Agent should be able to get it installed and set up for you today free of charge under your Geek Squad Tech Support plan.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.


Thank you,


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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