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Re: Best Buy store experience

I had a similar experience yesterday in Clarksville, Indiana. I purchased a Bluetooth adapter for my car while I was driving two days ago it had some sort of catastrophic failure and melted down in my hand. Burnt my hand pretty good, the plastic casing of the adapter was literally bubbling. Had I not been as aware as I was it could have been disasterious!! Imagine driving 65, down the interstate when a fire erupts from your center console because your Bluetooth adapter you bought from a reputable company such as best buy catches fire for no reason without warning!! After speaking to customer service on the phone they advised me to go to store for replacement and soon arrival the store was very rude would not even attempt to resolve this . Major problem.
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Re: Best Buy store experience


   Should a unit that was installed by a Geek Squad Autotech fail, our lifetime labor warranty should come into effect.  When you say that they wouldn't help you is that because they were booked out too far for a time frame that would work for you, or were they simply saying that they woudln't do anything for you with an appointment or not?  I ask because it is a busy time of year, but something that is a fire hazard should be looked at as soon as possible to not damage any other components besides the already malfunctioning unit.


With that said, I have personally never see one of these melt or bubble, but that isn't to far from what could happen should a wire get pinched during the re-assembly.  I do apologize that this has happened, and again im am just here to provide insight to the fastest resolution.  Head back to the installation shop that did the installation to have them remove the burned up unit, and replace it with the same unit *(should be covered under the manufacturers warranty) or discuss other possible options that could be installed rather than a BT unit.


I do hope that you are able to get this resolved sooner than later, but the ball will need to start rolling at the store.  Best of luck!

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Re: Best Buy store experience

Hey Joejam812,


This sounds like a concerning occurrence, and I'm sure watching their Bluetooth adapter melt was worrisome. It's hard for me to say for sure what to do without knowing what the exact model Bluetooth adapter you are referring to? Did you end up getting this taken care of by now? Thanks for reaching out to us here, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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