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Protection plan refusal by Geek Squad in Greensboro, NC

Hi my name is Maria. I am a longtime Best Buy customer and I have had a nightmare trying to get Geek Squad to honor my protection plan. I will outline what has happened to this point.


1. PC is bluescreening so I get my new computer support tech to look at it. He rules out the hard drive, as it is fine. He tells me the RAM is not the original and is not officially supported by the motherboard. He uses RAM that IS officially supported by the manufacturer to test and the machine still has errors, even with the correct RAM. I informed him that it has a protection plan. We assumed Best Buy upgraded the PC to the aftermarket RAM because I get my service done there and don't even remember getting this machine upgraded. He drops it off to Geek Squad, explaining the confusion about the RAM. 


2. After keeping the machine for many days, Geek Squad says "this is aftermarket RAM we can't honor the protection plan with this RAM". The RAM in it was Crucial 16GB DDR3 pair. Geek Squad rep claims BB never sold Crucial brand RAM so it couldn't have been them. They offered to sell me officially supported RAM and install it free as part of my extended warranty and protection plan. The rep (female) said that if it still has errors with the RAM they installed, they will honor the protection plan.


3. My father picked up the PC and paid for the RAM. I cannot find the receipt for this and Geek Squad is claiming they don't remember or have record any of this. It's baffling! They did not return the RAM that was in it. They claimed it was incompatible, not bad, so why would they keep my RAM that is worth $120? 


4. Computer sits on a shelf for my busy season until my tech gets time to set it up to test it. He ran "Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool" and it showed a hardware error overnight. Geek Squad had said it was fixed. This left a log of the test and failure in the system logs.


5. Return to Geek Squad, they have no record of installing the RAM that is now in it or any trace of my missing RAM. They refuse to run the "extended test" WIndows Memory Diagnostic for themselves and claim the PC is fine. They refuse to look at the log for the failed memory test because "it could be planted there to get a free PC replacement".



I need this PC repaired or replaced. I need the RAM it was returned with returned or replaced. The cost of the RAM that I purchased to satisfy the Geek Squad policy I do not expect to have returned, as that puts the machine back in a state that is covered by the protection plan.

I am linking this thread to my tech, he has a video to add.

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Re: Protection plan refusal by Geek Squad in Greensboro, NC

Hello, I have posted before abouy this matter. See my post history for details.

Picture of the RAM that Best Buy installed as a solution for the first service visit, they can't find any record of doing it (lol):


Video demonstrating hardware error using built-in Windows diagnostics:

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Re: Protection plan refusal by Geek Squad in Greensboro, NC

I would just like to add a couple things. The support people at the Greensboro store have been polite. However they did say the log from the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic could potentially be planted to defraud BB into replacing a good PC. Since they have brought up fraud, let's have a step back and look at this. The PC bluescreens and has a protection plan, it hasn't been fixed in over 6 months. That could be seen as fraudulent. The 16GB set of RAM it was turned in with was kept by BB, a $110 value. This is theft, no way around that. As an IT professional I can tell you with certainty that nobody would throw that away. Bottom line, an associate has this customer's RAM. Instead of honoring the protection plan, an 8GB set of RAM was sold to the customer. I consider this predatory, they saw an opportunity to deny a claim and managed to turn it into a sale, somehow off the books because they deny having any record of this.


If your associates have incentive to deny replacement as much as possible, you need to look at your system here. It really seems like the associates have some kind of incentive to fight doing the right thing.

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Re: Protection plan refusal by Geek Squad in Greensboro, NC

Hi there, Maria,


I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your computer and you’re unsure where your aftermarket RAM might be after it was reportedly uninstalled. It sounds like there might be a couple parties involved with this device, so it’s understandable why you’d be reaching out to us for assistance. While I can’t make any guarantees as to the outcome, I can certainly review your Best Buy account to see if I might shed some light on the situation.


Due to our Privacy Policy though, I’ll need some additional information from you before proceeding. As such, I’ll be sending you a private message shortly. Once received, you may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Thanks for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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