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Poor Customer Service

Took laptop to Geek Squad at local store.
Purchased repair package. Was pleasantly surprised when they daid they could repair in four days. They made an appointment for me to return. When I did, they told me they had not begun the repairs. Only the back up.
I asked why they did not call. The store is about 15-20 miles away.
I told them I would pay for the back up and they could refund the plan. The Manager then stated they could not because they had already begun repairs. I told him what the CS rep told me they had not begun repairs or diagnostics. I called the rep over. Manager then went in back and came back and authorized my refund.
Waste of my time which they must deem not valuable.
I would have been okay with a delay if they would have given me a courtesy call.
Do not use them! They do not value their customer’s time.
To call it bad customer service is an insult to bad customer service.