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Not going to be buying from BestBuy again

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I am not happy - I bought a Dell Inspiron from you in Dec 2015 -- and no ... I did not buy a support plan (though I will never buy another Dell from anyone ... truly BAD technology)


In December 2016 -- I began experiencing overheating with the laptop -- reviewed the web and determined it was an issue with the fan and/or heat sink


I took it into Geek Squad on Jan 10 2017 -- initial diagnosis was that I was not running the most current version of Win 10 -- told the team that I thought it was a fan/cooling/firmware issue -- after 3 days of playing with it, the team in Southwest Plaze realized I was correct in my diagnosis and shipped it to the Geek HQ -- where it sat for nearly 4 weeks.  At the conclusion of the 4 weeks -- it was sent back unrepaired ... as a result of not being able to get the parts from Dell (and this on a PC that was 16 months old that I bought from Best Buy)


So -- first out $600 for the PC (which is essentially a brick now), $250 for Geek Squad service contract, and a wait of over 4 weeks to get my PC back and not even fixed.


Seems that you and the team have a lot of work to do -- you have lost me as a customer -- but perhaps you can survive the retail shake out with a bunch of work -- not sure -- but the above set of circumstances have convinced me to just use Amazon for my needs in the future.


Not a happy camper ;-(





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Re: Not going to be buying from BestBuy again

Good morning, Scott,

While I wish it were under better circumstances, welcome to the forum! We’ve been busier than normal here for this time of year, so I appreciate your patience while waiting for assistance. This couldn’t have been easy, especially as it sounds things didn’t go according to plan with your computer repair. From personal experience, it can be incredibly difficult to be without a working computer for any length of time, so I’d be happy to offer my assistance to see if I might be able to offer some clarification into your case. 

Upon review of your service history using the information you proactively provided, I see two service orders associated with the computer that was purchased back in June 2015. I’ve broken each record down below to ensure I’ve addressed each of your concerns you laid out in your post.


1) First Service (1/10/2017 - 1/11/2017): While I understand you knew what the exact problem was with your computer, our Geek Squad agents would need to complete a diagnostic to ensure we’re addressing every problem your computer is experiencing. This also so we can rule out any underlying software or virus issues that could be causing the problem. Since we needed to run multiple tests, our agents recommended that you purchase our 24/7 Support plan to cover these costs, along with protect your device (and two others) from software problems for two full years. After completing our necessary tests, we agreed with you in that the issue causing the reported overheating issues was hardware related. Since a Geek Squad Protection plan wasn’t purchased with the computer, this service would be at cost to you and would need to be sent out to our certified technicians at our Geek Squad City service center.


2) Second Service (1/14/2017 – 2/17/2017): Once we were able to notify you of our diagnosis and receive approval for the estimated repair costs, we shipped your computer to Geek Squad City for repair. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure the parts needed to repair your device as anticipated and regrettably had no choice but to send your computer back to your local store unrepaired. I truly apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this must have undoubtedly caused you.


From here, I understand that you’re left with a computer that does not work properly. I cannot make any guarantees since parts were unavailable; however, I’d suggest reaching out to Dell directly to see if they might be able to provide you with possible service options on their end. If you have any further questions for me regarding this though or I’ve missed one of your previous concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 


Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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