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Not Happy

To whom it may concern,


I am a loyal Best Buy consumer for years. I purchase all my electronis needs at your store since it is more comfortable for me knowing that you guys are right around the block if I need you. Making large purchases through other websites makes me worry since I feel that there is no support if needed.


Under a year ago I bought a brand new Samsung 65'' TV for more than I saw it listed other places for the meer fact that I love the customer service. This all changed for me today. About a month ago, there appeared a small blotch on my TV screen. I called the Geek Squad and they told me that it was covered under the factory warranty. I also bought whatever extra protection was offered to me. The gentleman on the phone was great and told me I had no worries as I was worried about my brand new TV.


Today the repair people came to my house. The gentleman walked over to my TV and started to joke with the other repair person about the blotch on my screen. He asked me "What? You don't like this on your picture?". I found this comment very uncomfortable. He then started to pick at, and rub the blotch. He tells me that there is damage to the screen and that the TV will not be repaired! Keep in mind that I am a single man with no kids in an apartment. There is no possible way ANYTHING could ever have damaged the TV. 


Now, as a consumer, all I feel totally betrayed by Best Buy. I have been loyal to them for years. All I hear are these great stories on how Amazon has helped their consumers with issues and bend over backwards. I am at a loss why I should continue shopping with Best Buy. I called the Geek Squad 800 number and the lady on the phone was most concerned with how I was going to fill out her survey that was being sent to me. Reminding me that it was all about her and not the experiece I was having. Is this how I am to be treated?



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Re: Not Happy

Good Morning PeterMac, and welcome to the Best Buy Support forum.


I’ve had my TV for about 5 years now and made sure to renew my Geek Squad Protection plan every year! Unfortunately, it’s no longer eligible for renewal and I know I’ll need to be extra careful now if I want to last any longer. I can understand your concern as your TV was not very old and the problem may have appeared out of nowhere. It can be frustrating to be told something opposite and I apologize if the repair agents that visited you came off as anything but helpful.


I am also discouraged to hear of the experience you had when you called us, as we should never be pushing personal surveys as those should be dependent upon resolving your concern. I’d be happy to further document your experience here at our Corporate Office, but would require that you send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number. You can do so by clicking on the link in my signature below.


Your business and loyalty mean the world to us and it’s upsetting to hear of the recent experience you may have endured. I hope you will continue to shop with us and allow us the opportunity to provide better service to you going forward.



Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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