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Locked myself out of my own laptop

I bought a new laptop back in September 2014 and just tried logging onto it after not using it for maybe a year. Apperantly I forgot my password and cannot get into it. If I brought my laptop to one of your stores, could you reset the password for me?
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Re: Locked myself out of my own laptop

Although it doesn't happen as much as it has in the past, theft used to be a big one when the Geeksquad used to be around.  Customers would take the computer from someone and come to us to have the password reset.  NOT saying that this is the scenario that you did, but more of heads up when arriving.


The more information that you can provide to us, such as a receipt for the proof of purchase, or anything that links you to that computer is always greatly appreciated.  That will speed the process up a bit, but should you not be able to find anything of this, you may feel free to head into the Geek Squad with a scheduled appointment to get this reset.  The cost is usually $40 for a password reset, but since this is the main password to get into a computer I would recommend bringing some extra identifiers to help you out.  Best of luck!


PS I don't think you aren't a theif, but again I wanted to clarify the situtaion so that you weren't caught off guard should they ask you for identification or something to link you to that computer. 

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Re: Locked myself out of my own laptop

Hello Tacoman4803 -


Our apologies for the lateness of this reply.  This holiday has been especially busy for us on the forums and we’re doing everything we can to catch up as quickly as we can.  Your concerns are of great importance to Best Buy and we want to make sure that you’ve received a response to your post and offered any assistance we can provide. 


I'm truly sorry to hear that you were unable to recall your password when attempting to access your laptop.  You should feel welcome to visit your local Geek Squad precinct to see what options we may have for you.  Given the circumstances, it would be best to provide a receipt or other purchase identification for verification purposes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reply and we’d be happy to look into it for you to assist however possible.


Thank you for posting!

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