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Less than enjoyable experience

I hate writing in a public forum, since this is the first time I've had to complain, but I tried calling the customer support and it just adviced me to go to the store and speak to a manager. I'm not sure how effective that would be.


I bought and iPad for my wife almost two years ago and the screen broke last week. We tried calling Apple and they told us that this device was not registered with Apple Care. I thought that was weird because I always make sure that all of my devices are covered. I went through my emails, which led me to my Best Buy account where I was able to find the receipt for the iPad as well as a two-year protection plan that I purchased for $279. I remembered that I did not buy AppleCare since I had bought protection through Best Buy.


I took it to the store today and they told me that my best bet would be to take it to an Apple Store and the Geek Squad member even offered to look up an estimate on how much it would cost. I told the lady that I had bought the protection plan specifically for cases like this. She went back and got a team leader, they did some research and found out that yes, I had purchased coverage, but they are not authorized to handle/repair Apple products. So tomorrow, I have to drive to another Best Buy, 30 minutes away to have them handle the repair.


I don't have anything negative to say about the staff. They were friendly and professional. I knew it wasn't necessarily their fault either, so we left on good terms. My problem is that I spent $279 on coverage, because I expected a certain level of support and convenience from Best Buy that I'm definitely not getting.

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Re: Less than enjoyable experience

Update: I drove to the Apple certified Best Buy where I was supposed to drop off the iPad. There was an issue with the system and it did not want to accept the device. I was also told that some Apple system was down so they couldn't get the information they needed. 


Now they submitted an incident to have the system revised and they'll call me when it is resolved so that I can get my device serviced... This is what a $279 protection plan gets me? Between work, school, and home, I don't have much free time. But now I'm going to have to do this all over once they figure it out. 

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Re: Less than enjoyable experience

Hello, MiguelAngelRodriguez1, and welcome to the forum!


My older Kindle tablet decided to up and quit on my a while back, and unfortunately, it happened after my Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan expired. I haven’t replaced it quite yet, but I certainly miss it when binge watching my shows on Netflix. While regrettable that your device suffered an unfortunate accident, I’m glad to hear your GSP plan is valid to receive service.  


As you may know, only a few Best Buy stores can offer screen replacement services for Apple devices. I’m not sure why the one you found couldn’t check in your iPad for repair, but I’m glad to hear they’re working on getting that fixed as soon as possible. It sounds like you may need this iPad for school or work though, so if you would rather start service now, you may be eligible to receive a replacement device under your GSP plan. To start the claim, please click the link provided here.


If you have any questions for me though or would like me to reach out to the store on your behalf, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to take a closer look into your case.



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