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Kitchenaid Refrigerator 4th unit fail in 12 months

I have an issue with my 4th repalcment Kitchenaid Refrigerator in 12 months. All I want to do is get this unit picked up so I can get another brand and model. This has been nothing but a hassel. Is the Best way to talk to the store manager?

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Re: Kitchenaid Refrigerator 4th unit failure in 12 months

This is the 4th unit that has broken for us. Now I'm being told I have to wait for a service person to come out to OK a repalcement by his manager. How can Kitchenaid Besy Buy make you go through all of this after you have had 4 refrigeraotrs of the smae make and model break within 12 month time frame

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Re: Kitchenaid Refrigerator 4th unit failure in 12 months

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Welcome to the forum, hhyaman3,


Unless you live somewhere cold or it’s during the winter season, being without a working fridge can be extremely difficult. Not only does something like this limit your ability cook fresh food, it also can cost a pretty penny should you have to eat out on a regular basis. I’m sure it’s even more frustrating if you’ve had issues in the past with this same exact model, so I appreciate you reaching out to see what options we may have available to assist you.


Upon review of your purchase from 05/02/17, I see this is the first time service has been requested for this appliance. As the fridge is outside of its 15-day window allotted under our Return and Exchange Promise, we correctly set up a service date (9/19/17 – 12pm to 4pm) to examine the situation and look at possible repair options. If we should determine the reported issue is covered but cannot be repaired for whatever reason, we should be able to authorize a replacement under the Geek Squad Protection plan you purchased. Please keep in mind though that if offered a replacement, it would be for a comparable model or a store credit for the current market value without exceeding the original purchase price to buy a new appliance of your choice.


If you have any other questions about this process or run into any issues with the repair process, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be happy to help however possible.


Thanks for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Kitchenaid Refrigerator 4th unit failure in 12 months

I'd suggest you start also contacting KitchenAid directly letting them know of the issues you are having. KitchenAid makes great mixers but somehow I'm starting to think other appliances are not so great. I had issues with their coffee maker 6 replacements 5 being the same model requested 5 be another model same price range it to failed 6th one was an upgrade next level no charge, I have not used it using a $20 coffee maker now new KitchenAid in box still.

Their support is #1 even after all my issues never had trouble getting them to help, Refrigerator may be a little harder but worth a try!

I'd at least contact them to let them know of your troubles even though BB is trying to help.

KitchenAid Service Dept. 800.252.1301

Good Luck!