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Insignia 32" Roku TV will not work

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I bought this tv for my son in July when he moved into a new apartment. The TV worked fine for 2 weeks and then began to turn on and off repeatedly while trying to connect to the internet. He was able to use it for the most part when hooked up directly to basic cable for a little while and then the tv would cycle on and off even then. He contacted Best Buy support and was told that he'd need to bring the tv in to the store - but that was not an option since he does not own a car and the nearest store was 20 miles away. Not a bus trip.


In November I went out to visit and saw that the tv would not work on either a wifi connection or on cable due to the cycling on and off/reset issue. I just ended up buying him a new tv that did not need a wireless connection (more money spent).


I brought the tv in to my local Best Buy and was told that it could not be exchanged or returned due to the time that has passed. Instead, it was sent out for repair by Geek Squad since it was still covered by the factory warranty. It came back 3 weeks later, and I was told it was repaired (replaced a circuit board). The repair # was {removed per forum guidelines}.


When I brought it home and set it up (again), it would (1) not connect to my wifi and (2) when it tried to do so it would reset and turn itself off and then back on. No matter where I tried to set this tv up it would not find a wifi signal and would continue to shut off and turn on again. I figured I could just hook it up to either a DVD player or to my extra Roku player, so I tried that. Here is what happened:


When trying to set it up for HOME use it would freeze when trying to find a wifi signal and reset.

When I tried to use the STORE setting (the only way to bypass the search for a wifi signal), it would allow me to use one of the other inputs.

When I hooked up devices to the HDMI inputs, it would work for a short time and then shut down and power up again. Repeatedly. When powering back up again it would freeze 2 out of every 3 times, starting the process over again.


Bottom line:


This tv has worked for 2 weeks out of the 6 months since purchase on July 26, 2016. It was sent out for repair and came back "fixed" but still does exactly what it did when it was sent out.


I really, really do not feel like sending this out AGAIN to repair the SAME problem that I was told was repaired when in fact it did not work at all out of the box once I got home. The only reason I did not bring it right back was that it was the holiday season and the Geek Squad tech told me in November that they are always slammed over that period. Well, we are past the holidays now...


I do not feel at all like trying to get this repaired again. A quick internet search shows that this is a known issue with this tv (and how I wish I had looked back in July). Whatever the issue is seems to not be an easy repair. I have already spent more than than original cost of this tv buying a replacement at Best Buy, with the additional cost of a standalone ROKU player, and would like to know what Best Buy will do now. 


Here's what I'd like to see happen: either a refund of the purchase price of this non-functional tv when I return it or (if that won't happen) at least an exchange for a tv that actually works. That's not asking too much.


How about it, Best Buy? I shopped here for years and this is the only piece of junk I've gotten in all that time. That only makes the inability to get it (1) exchanged or (2) repaired that much more aggravating. I just have no desire to trudge this thing down to the store to just be told that it will be sentout for repair (again) or that I'm stuck with a piece of non-functioning hardware.

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Re: Insignia 32" Roku TV will not work



My sincerest apologies about the terribly long delay in reaching your post. As we wind down from the busy holiday season we’re working as fast as possible to respond to each customer inquiry. I’m sorry to hear that the TV you purchased is already failing. I understand how frustrating it can be to have something so new already require service so soon.


Although the TV is outside of our return policy this does not leave you without options. I understand the hesitation of sending it out again. In order to provide you with an answer for a return or exchange I’ll have to partner with the store it was purchased at, but I would be happy to do so. I would require a few pieces of information regarding your purchase to provide you an answer. Please send me a private message with the following:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The best email and phone number for you
  3. The Customer Service Pin from your receipt. It should be towards the bottom

With those details I should be able to get you an answer on where your funds are. In order to send me a personal message, select “Private Message” besides my signature. In order to view your inbox select the envelope at the top right of the page. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime and I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Insignia 32" Roku TV will not work

I bought my insignia roku tv in July/August. In less than 6mos, started losing wifi connection. I've seen the Geek Squad at my local Best Buy twice and all they did was input their login info. The tv worked fine at the store. But at home the connection would be lost again.

I've called insignia, the 1st time I was told to take it to the geek squad because it needed a new wifi board (?). The Geek Squad never ran a diagnostic test on the tv. Today was the 2nd time taking it in and I was told they would/could send it to insignia to decide whether to repair, replace or send it back to me. This process would take a month and the geek squad would say on the ticket 'it worked fine in the store'. I felt it was their way of saying they didn't want to be bothered. They said to go home and reset my router. UGH!!! Why do companies always place blame on another?


I've spoken to The Geek Squad 24/7 reps who have been trying to help. But noone can explain why I can't just exchange this tv although there are a lot of bad reviews about this tv. Tonight insignia told me I needed to change the router channels which did not work (after an hour of this process).


I've reset my router, re-entered all the info into the tv atleast a 'million' times.  I've never dealt with a company that says your purchase only had a 2 week period to be returned. They're sorry but it's up to insignia even though they sell their products.


I'm very disappointed in best buy for the customer service on something as simple as exchanging or refunding a product they know is not working properly. I feel that I've been given the run around over a simple replacement. I've never had a tv that lasted only a few months. What a waste of a couple hundred dollars plus my time trying to resolve the issue.


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Re: Insignia 32" Roku TV will not work

I am having a very similar issue. 


I have the same TV and we've had it for one year. Just recently, it started losing it's wifi connection after about 15-20 mins of streaming. It does not find the wifi connection unless we power cycle the device (pull the plug and turn on again). 

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Re: Insignia 32" Roku TV will not work