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How to file a compliant with best buy and geeksquad



So I purchased a LG G3 phone from best buy and subscribe to the geeksquad TOTAL PROTECTION PLAN. Now that my phone is not working, sd card ejecting, phone is blinking out and black screen and a sim card not recognizing sometimes I need to get my phone to be fix or replaced. I went to best buy and ask the geeksquad support. When I explain, they just told me to call the 1800. So I call and they said I need to file a claim. I file the claim and call them. Now they said it will take 7-10 days to get a new phone replacement.


I explain to one of the rep. im working fulltime and I need my phone for my work. And the rep just say thats our policy. And the other option is to pay, why I have to pay to get a new replacement phone? That just seem wierd, even if they say that it will reimburse, I took the TOTAL PROTECTION PLAN and still I have to pay. That seems not right.


So, I like to file a complaint and to have my money back from where I started subscribing to geeksquad, cause the service wasnt used and instead they want me to charged for getting a replacement. 


Can anyone tell me how I can file a complaint. Im thinking of BBB.


This is not just right, subscribing to the service and in return you wont get anything or they just charged you more.

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Re: How to file a compliant with best buy and geeksquad

Greetings Juanito,


I’m sorry to hear that your phone is not working like it should. I absolutely understand the importance of having a functioning phone at all times. It’s disheartening to hear that you’re dissatisfied with our Geek Squad service plan. We’re proud to offer it to our customers as a way to protect their investments and relieve the stress of the unmentionable happening.


We genuinely do our best to make sure we are transparent with our customers regarding the features, fees, and everything in between. Our service fees act as a deductible for all claims made. We understand you have options of where you get your cell phone insured and price them accordingly to remain competitive while offering you peace of mind. When a service plan is purchased, the terms are signed for, and you’re sent an email with a summary of your new Geek Squad plan. All the details can also be found on our website.


I will absolutely document and share your concerns on a corporate level so they remain visible to the appropriate parties. If there is anything else you’d like to bring to my attention, please don’t hesitate to respond!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: How to file a compliant with best buy and geeksquad

Ill just make a compliant from bbb and dispute it on my bank.