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HORRIBLE experience with Geek Squad 1-800 support

About a week and a half ago I went into Store 26 (MAYFAIR) in Wisconsin to file a claim on a damaged phone.  After speaking with a geek squad member at the store, he referred me to the 1-800 line as he was unable to see a protection plan attached to the damaged unit, and there was nothing he could do on his end.  I was completely understanding of this, so I called the 800 number.  I spoke with a woman who barely spoke english, and basically told me that there was no service plan on the phone and there was nothing she could do.  After speaking with store associates and doing a little more research, we determined that when I had upgraded to my current phone, the location that I worked with in fact didn't transfer the plan from my old phone to the new one.  Small oversight on their happens.  I was told to contact the 800 number again and explain the situation.  The woman I dealt with the second time informed me that she had to transfer me to another person to handle this.  To my surprise, I get transfered to the same woman who was of no help the first time.  After explaining the situation, she told me my option was to cancel the service plan on the old one, then apply a new plan to the new phone.  I said "Great!  Let's do that!".  She confirmed the plan on the old phone was cancelled.  When I asked her to now activate a new plan on the new phone, she told me she couldn't because I had purchased the unit more than 14 days ago.  That's like showing me a dinner menu with option, then telling me you're out of it!  


The wonderful folks in the mobile department were able to help me in getting a new plan activated on the phone so we could file the claim.  Once the claim was filed, I was given a printout with all the details of my service request.  On this sheet, the expected ship date was 'BACKORDERED'.  I also understand this, as I deal with a lot of import/export in my business, and it is not the fault of reseller I'm working with.


Fast forward to the next phone call to another 800 number.  The person I spoke with said that there was a note in the system that an e-gift card had been emailed to me to go purchase another phone in the store.  There was no e-gift card to be found.  We verified the email address, and it was incorrect in the system (not sure how, I've had the same email address on file with best buy/reward zone/geek squad for going on 20 years).  Email address was updated, and the gift card was re-sent.  After waiting a few more days, still no gift card.  Call the 800 number again.  Verify email.  Incorrect email in system.  Are we starting to see a pattern here?  Gift card sent again.  Wait two more days.  No gift card.  Final call to 800 still incorrect.  Update email.  Finally gift card received.  Excellent, now I can go get my new phone!


But wait...THERE'S MORE!!!


Go back to MAYFAIR store, which mind you isn't the nearest store to me, but they were so helpful on the original issue that I thought it only fair to give them the business of the replacement.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock.  Bummer.  Associate informs me there are 4 in stock at the Best Buy Mobile store in the mall a few miles away.  I was a bit reluctant as this mobile location was the one who had the oversight in the first place, but I though hey...I've made mistakes and had customers return.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.


Mobile associate informs me that he can't sell me a phone outright as it already has a SIM card in it and needs to be activated before it can leave the store.  I understand that it is possible a mobile store operates differently than a regular store.  I thank him for his time and go home.


Today, I went to yet another store to use the gift card, and FINALLY!! I now have a new phone in my hand.  But not without having to come out of pocket another $40 to pay tax on the unit.  So at this point, I've been paying for a phone on an installment plan, paying for geek squad protection, paid the $250 deductible for a new phone, and now because the replacement that would have shown up on my doorstep was on backorder, I had to spend my time driving around to three different locations, all to have to pay MORE money out of pocket.


I apologize for the long winded post, but I figure with as much time as I have wasted trying to sort this out, it's only fair someone shares that pain with me.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience with Geek Squad 1-800 support



Thank you for getting this into the correct category.  Hopefully one of the folks that have viewed this feel the need to chime in.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience with Geek Squad 1-800 support

Greetings ssprung82,


I want to start off by saying, wow. The experience you shared with me is in pure honestly nothing short of disappointing. I truly want to commend you for your patience regarding this whole situation. We truly work hard to make sure we deliver the best customer experience possible. We completely dropped the ball in this and I want to offer you my sincerest apologies. I’m relieved that you are incredibly understanding that some situations may be out of our control but that doesn’t excuse the multiple interactions you had through our various channels.


I couldn’t help but shake my head while reading your post as I am a former Blue Shirt myself and this is a tremendous training opportunity I want to assure you will get addressed. I view this through the eyes as not only an employee, but as a consumer as well since off the clock I become exactly that.


I genuinely hope everything is going well with your new device. Rest assured I will make certain every contact and visit you made to have this resolved is documented on a corporate level so it remains visible to all of the appropriate parties. I also want to thank you for taking the time to share this with us as it truly is valuable to get this type of feedback from our customers.


If there is absolutely anything else you would like to bring to my attention, please don’t hesitate to respond!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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