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Geek Squad will not call me back

8/31 Brought my inop laptop to geek squad.  Agent Jeremy says they could not fix it there, but they would send it to the manufacturer because it was only 13 months old and the manufacture might repair under warranty.

9/5 Email from Geek Squad asking me to call before they can initiate repairs.  I call, told $400 to repair. My laptop is not at the manufacturer, it is at Geek Squad tier 2 repair in Louisville, KY.  I ask why it was not sent to the manufacturer.  Agent promises to escalate my issue.  I call the store and speak to Agent Jeremy, who says he will look into it and call me back. NO CALL BACK RECIEVED.

9/6 Agent Tom calls to explain estimate.  Mentions charge, 46.99 to repair LCD cover.  "What broken LCD cover?" I ask."It looks like it has been dropped," states Agent Tom.  Promises someone will call me back.  NO CALL BACK RECIEVED.

9/7 I call GeekSquad again.  Informed 48 hours to receive return escalation call.  I ask someone to call me before end of business day.  NO CALL BACK RECIEVED.

9/8 I call GeekSquad again. I'm told I need to call my store. I speak again to Agent Jeremy, who says I need to speak to agent Stokes later in the day.  When Agent Stokes DOES NOT CALL, I go into the store.  An hour later, after speaking with Agent Jeremy, Agent Stokes, and Home Theater Supervisor Justin, I still cannot get Best Buy to offer compensation for damage to my laptop. Supervisor Justin promises to email me with update on Saturday.  NO EMAIL RECIEVED.

9/10 Geek Squad STILL HAS NOT CALLED.  I call again.  I hold to speak with Manager Katie.  She cannot give me a number to call escalation.  She cannot give me an address to write to.  She offers to re-escalate my issue. I tell her I have been promised escalation since 9/5 without ANY CALL BACK.  I repeatedly ask for some way to contact escalation since they will not contact me.  She says there is no way to connect me to escalation, but she will have them call me tomorrow. 

Geek Squad sent my laptop to wrong repair facility then dropped and/or damaged it in shipping and will not offer to compensate me.  But worst of all NO ONE WILL CONTACT ME or provide me a way to contact them. 

This is the sort of customer service that drives people to other repair establishments.

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Re: Geek Squad will not call me back

I am elevating this issue to the Best Buy Corporate Customer Care Center in Minneapolis, MN.  Please do not respond in this forum.