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Geek Squad and Best Buy incompetence...

   I would like someone to call me since your Corporate Complaint Department must be a well hidden secret. The customer service and the issue resolution at your Manhattan, Ks store SUX...I bought a Lenovo Tablet in January 2016.

   In December, 2016, the motherboard fried. Using the protection plan (that expires in January 2017) that came with the computer, I turned it into Geek Squad and they sent it to Louisville Ky.  Weeks later, it came back and I took it home. Geek Squad had changed the motherboard but the new serial number didn't match what was in the computer system. The computer had glitches such as no sound in it, yet the Device Manager said the sound card and speakers were operating properly. It kept looking for a Z drive (which we don't have) and was told the techs forgot to erase the foot print of their drive when they worked on it. We couldn't change the password because some of the basic programs were not working. 

 Geek Squad overnighted it to Louisville Ky again for repairs and overnighted it back but that took another week. This time, I checked it out before leaving the store and the on screen keyboard didn't work so I could access the computer. The Geek tried to fix it a 3rd time on the counter by plugging in a corded keyboard to even access the computer. I put in the password.

  The images on the screen kept agitating and he said "Oh, this is a software problem. Pay us $85.00 and we'll back up your data and fix it again. The Geek went to see if his manager would waive the fee. I talked to the Geek Squad Manager and he dropped the price to $80.00. I told him I'm not paying the $80.00 because they didn't fix it the first two times. I had only 2 choices: pay or take the computer, but before leaving, I asked to talk to a store manager. The same manager that I just got nowhere with, came to ask now what did I want?  I told him I wanted to return the computer and he said sorry, your return window is over. He then said "you'll have to run the risk of losing all your data if we attempt to repair it or to take it home "AS IS" and back up your own files since you won't pay us the $80.00. There's no way around that." I told him I didn't have a corded keyboard to access the computer. Was I supposed to buy a keyboard for a computer they didn't fix?. No response to that question... He said let's hope the bluetooth keyboard that it came with will work.

  Another slap in the face was on my way home, with a "not repaired computer", I get a prerecorded phone call from Geek Squad, that said "Great News, your device is ready for pick up. I just about threw my phone out the window. By this time, I'm fuming but I drove the 6 miles home and luckily it worked. I put in the CORRECT password to access the computer  and tried to change the password but it wouldn't let me because the correct password that I just used was now,the wrong password.  I backed up my own pictures, documents and files and drove 6 miles back to the store to have the computer fixed for a 4th time. I was told Geek Squad will take it in their local shop to reload all the software but we won't do that for a couple of days because of the holidays are here. Great, I started this process 3 weeks before the holidays got here. 

 Some one from Best Buy had better call me because I'm not dropping this issue of lousy customer service and poor issue resolution...


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Re: Geek Squad and Best Buy incompetence...

Hello CeceliaShellnut,


Our apologies for the lateness of this reply. This holiday has been especially busy for us on the forums and we’re doing everything we can to catch up as quickly as we can. Your concerns are of great importance to Best Buy and we want to make sure that you’ve received a response to your post and offered any assistance we can provide. 


We understand that by now you have likely sought assistance via one of our other channels, and your issue is likely to have been resolved. If this is not the case, please feel free to reply and we’d be happy to look into it for you to assist however possible.


Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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