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Geek Squad LIES - Apple vs Best Buy (Test Store 501)

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Don't even know where to begin with this NIGHTMARE

While inside my phone carrier store, I was told to schedule a genius appointment for diagnostic. Best Buy was the only location available August 9th 4:20pm. I go into the Best Buy a few minutes early to go ahead and check in and have my device looked at. Stayed near Geek Squad front desk for 20 minutes, I ask if they have figured out anything just yet. I was told by a GS Tech my phone won't be assisted to until the designated appointment time, be about an hour or so wait. Now pushing 5pm I leave the store and return at 6:30pm my device STILL hasn't been fixed. 7pm GS Tech says there was an issue with the Tech opening up my Apple product and the TECH caused ANOTHER ISSUE. After a 3 1/2 wait I am given a loaner phone and sign documents stating my Apple product will be fixed by Apple and turn around time possibly ONE WEEK. Did not leave with any paper documentation of what I signed but my husband met me once he got off work.

August 22nd day before traveling out of state, I try contacting Best Buy store 501 and I get an automated system promting me that an Agent will be assigned to my case. WHAT? It's been ONE WEEK AND TWO DAYS, why must an Agent be assigned to my case. Thought Apple BEEN sent my device back.

Well later that day I contacted Apple, and I was escalated to a Tier Two Senior Advisor Cedrick, going over what information I provided I was told Best Buy Store 501 sent Apple Depo the WRONG serial number so my device will be shipped to Best Buy Store 501 UNREPAIRED August 23rd. I am utterly upset at this point. First from the GS Tech inflicting more damage to my Apple product, now this!

August 25th I contact Best Buy Store 501 while out f state and was told that once my device gets to the Store precinct I will be contacted. NEVER HAPPENED!
I contacted Apple AGAIN getting to another Tier Two senior advisor. Dale assured me that my Apple product is at Best Buy Store 501 (the Store WAREHOUSE IS BEHIND GEEK SQUAD COUNTER AND PRECINT IS IN FRONT OF GEEK SQUAD COUNTER) with a FedEx tracking number and signed 8/23 at 8:44am
Dale had suggested contact Best Buy Store 501 and see what happened, well GEEK SQUAD gave him the run around. Thus Apple opening an Asset Recovery investigation. Apple goes over every detail and gives their response within a matter of DAYS.

It's September 2nd I contact Best Buy 1-888 BEST BUY
and I get told that I need to basically have a Geek Squad protection plan for a device I got through my phone provider SERIOUSLY! The Representative was able to pull up notes about my phone SOMEWHAT not wanting to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of my Apple product. It was then I knew my issue wasn't going to be resolved quickly... I contacted Apple again with a Tier Two senior advisor, tried to contact Best Buy Store 501 to figure out why the need for the run around, well it still couldn't get resolved. The senior advisor gave me Best Buy CORPORATE number 612-291-1000 (Central Time)

September 4th I contact Best Buy Store 501 and I asked to get a manager on the phone. Nope Manager is busy, even left my contact information to return my call. DIDNT HAPPEN

September 5th I am frustrated, I have notes from August 22nd about this ordeal. I ask to speak to a manager. I get Geek Squad manager Blake, Blake tries to tell me that the Apple product shows it as delivered through Fedex (I know!) but says he doesn't know anyone in the store who signed off for my Apple product! But can assure me the Apple product is safe and being handled appropriately. YOUR KIDDING

I ask to get more information, while doing so I contact Apple to get further information, and NOTHING. I ask to speak to a different manager NOT Blake. So Ryan tells me he's truly sorry for the inconvenience and when the General Manager Phil {removed per forum guidelines} gets there at 4pm I can get a better understanding. He handed me a business card, I email {removed per forum guidelines} at 1pm waiting for his arrival.

Through the waiting, I contact Best Buy Corporate number again, only being told nothing else about my Apple product and contacting Apple about what I am currently experiencing. I documented every name that I got to, from what department, couldn't get ANY DIRECT NUMBER to the Best Buy Representatives.

9/6 4:30pm Phil {removed per forum guidelines} Store manager approaches me basically following through with what he had his Geek Squad Tech's tell me, even one (Colin) on his shoulder. That the device never got to their Store 501 8/23 at 8:44am I am more frustrated still on the line with Best Buy 1 888 - BEST BUY even the customer service is TERRIBLE!

It's now 5:30 gathering all my information from Best Buy and Apple. Best Buy is pointing fault to Apple vice versa. These are two companies and neither can agree on a compromise because my Apple product isn't insured with either Apple Care or Geek Squad Protection! Should've not broken my Apple product 8/23!!!!!!

The GM Phil {removed per forum guidelines} and GS Tech Colin beside him, give me the copies of documents I signed 8/9 and some other forms as well. GS Tech tried to tell me in front of my husband that I received these papers on 8/9 I told him I DID NOT. So you are accusing my husband and I of lying? OKAY Phil proceeded to say that once my Apple device has been shipped and in store 501 I will get a call and a $50 gift card for my inconvenience. OKAY

After a Best Buy Customer Service Agent (Allen) heard the ENTIRE conversation and spoke to GM Phil {removed per forum guidelines} he sent a complaint to Best Buy and assured me it will reach Corporate. But take other steps following too.


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Re: Geek Squad LIES - Apple vs Best Buy (Test Store 501)

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Hello SJ1,


Welcome to our Community. On those occasions where I have needed an essential device repaired, I know how anxious I have become. And I know too that if it were ever to be a device i depend upon throughout every day -- like my cellphone -- I would be even more so. I was quite discouraged to read of your experience in seeking repairs for your iPhone -- not only delays, but damage and certainly less than stellar communication. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


Using the information your provided at registration for our Community, I found that John of our Executive Resolution team will be contacting you on this concern, if he hasn't already. I encouraged you to work with him toward a resolution to your situation.


Please know I am grateful you wrote to us to share your experience.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Geek Squad LIES - Apple vs Best Buy (Test Store 501)

Hello John-BBY,

Just very upsetting that I did not open a claim with my phone provider (insurance provided) on August 9th to get things rolling on top of Best Buy shipping out my device. I have received only two apologies from a geek squad tech and now you. John the Executive Resoultions Manager - did not quite give me the response I was looking for. Seems like Best Buy is still trying to protect employees on matters which is absurd in my opinion.

I will be awaiting to hear from Apple (seems they care more)