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Geek Squad Fail

I just want to share with you the experience I had with Geek Squad this afternoon at the store in Prescott, AZ.


I shattered my screen and took it in for replacement. Justin helped me and was very nice. There was trouble finding me in the Geek Squad system so we waited at least 10 or 15 minutes for a manager to help with that. It turned out that my phone (galaxy s7) wasn't available (out of stock) for their rapid exchange program which would have had a phone mailed to my home with a return envelope for my old phone. With that being out of stock, I was going to be able to do an in store exchange which would have saved me the Geek Squad service fee of $150. Yay! But, they had no Galaxy s7 phones in stock. Their solution was for me to get a 7 Edge or an s8. Both more expensive options and I'd be paying the price difference of over $200. It is fault that both exchange options were out of stock. I should not have to pay over $200 because of that. I didn't want an upgrade. Why am I paying for Geek Squad service if it's not there for me when I need it? I could have gotten a less expensive phone, but that would have affected my ability to trade in when it's time for that. After at least an hour in the store talking with Justin (who was very patient and kind the whole time) and his manager Guy, who offered little to solve the problem, they ended up issuing a gift card to cover the cost of the new phone, ordering it online and having it shipped (using the quickest option, at their expense) to my house. But they had to take my broken phone at that time, leaving me without a phone. How is that acceptable? Why pay for a service that is going to fail you? Thankfully I still had a working s5 that I have activated for a couple days replacement arrives.


I want whoever handles these things to know that I was not happy with the way the situation was handled today. Not everyone has an extra phone laying around and most people rely heavily on cell phones these days. They should have given me the s8 or 7 Edge for the same price as the s7. Or they should have a "loaner" option for those not lucky enough to have an extra phone lying around. Because it is not my fault they didn't have the inventory,  they should have made it right. I'm very disappointed and was very surprised as I've never had any problems when I had Grip coverage.  

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Re: Geek Squad Fail

Hello JanessaFaith,


I’d like to think I would survive without a working phone. I was proven wrong this morning though as I walked into work and realized I left my device in my car. Without really thinking much of it, I turned around immediately to go get it. Being without a working phone for a couple of days would certainly be difficult, so I’m sorry to hear your phone had an unfortunate accident, particularly if we weren’t able to give you a replacement device as quickly as anticipated.


If a phone is not working as it should and a Geek Squad Protection plan was purchased, we should be able to start a service claim on your behalf. Typically, this process would consist of our customer sending their phone to us with the understanding that we’d ship a previously repaired device back simultaneously to ensure our customer isn’t without a phone for longer than necessary. On the rare occasion though, we sometimes have to issue a credit for the current market value of the phone (not exceeding the original purchase price) if we don’t have repaired devices available. If this should be the case, the customer can then use the credit towards a phone of their choice. I apologize if this wasn’t properly explained at the time of your visit and for any inconvenience this may have ultimately caused.


Upon review of your case using the information available to me through your forum profile, I see that a S7 was ordered online to ensure you were not paying out of pocket for a new phone. According to your tracking number, it was successfully delivered to you early yesterday morning. If you have any questions for me though, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be happy to help however possible.



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