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Garbage Service

My PC constantly crashed whenever I tried to launch multiple games such as Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, ect. I tried a few troubleshooting solutions only to get short-haired and drive to Best Buy to give them a shot at fixing it. On my drive there, I knew that this probably wasnt a good idea, given the notoriously poor reputation of Best Buy, but I did it anyways. 


I was expecting a call from Best Buy when it was done, especially considering how fast (not very fast) they said they could fix my PC. After the expected 2 days, I called Best Buy, no answer. I called again, no answer. Third times a charm? I called again, I got an answer and they transfered me to Geek Squad. The Geek Squad said my PC was still being worked on, so I waited for the next day.


The next day I called, same process. No answer. No answer. Answer. "Bla bla bla, your PC isnt ready"


A few days later (Its been 7 days for an expected 2-day job) I repeat this process and get the same results. 


In disbelief, I drive to Best Buy to see that my PC was ready this entire time, great! Right?




I drive home to see that the problem wasnt fixed, and that I should have fixed it myself afterall. After about 10 minuites of calmed down trouble-shooting I found out that it was my PC fan that was overclocked.


It took Best Buy 7 days to work on a PC with an overclocked FAN, and they never solved my problem.


I should have listened to the advice of the majority of clients that Best Buy has had. Dont go to Best Buy.

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Re: Garbage Service



Thank you for joining the Best Buy forums, although we wish it could be under a different circumstance, we appreciate all the time you have spent posting with us.  Being quoted for a 2 day repair which ended up taking longer than that, we can see why you would want to provide us with your feedback. 


Realizing I cannot erase the events that have already unfolded, please know I will be documenting your feedback here at the corporate headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota.  I’m happy to hear you were able to fix this problem after identifying the issue to be the fan.  Let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you in the future!



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