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File a Complaint

I would like to file a complaint about an atrocious geeksquad experience and to obtain a resolution to an issue that has been ongoing since October 2016. My husband jumped into a pool to save my daughter from drowning - saved her, downed the phone.  After many phone calls, store visits, service requests we finally received a replacement iphone 6 silver 128gb phone.  The phone was locked internationally so international sims cannot be used, despite the original version phone being unlocked per their unlocked device agreement. The replacement devices are not a like for like replacement after they come from Best Buy.


As the device was not functioning as per the agreement another replacement phone was sent out.  throughout this whole process I have been working with third tier Verizon Support (who were very very helpful) and also senior 3rd line tech support at Apple (who are working directly with their engineers).  I have logged a ticket to get an Audit trail document - as per the requirements of APPLE (YOUR PARTNER!!!!!! ) showing the IMEI, SN and date of the purchase of the original phone, and the subsequent swap out of the replacement devices with the same information. No one has been able to give me this information in writing - AS PER THE REQUIRMENTS OF APPLE. Your support team can see this information-  but i do not have access too via the support portal or via the carrier. Every time I phone your support team, I get a front line person who cannot help me, will not transfer me, will not put a supervisor on the line  AND CANNOT EMAIL THE INOMFRATION THEY HAVE ACCESS TOO.  I am fed up with trying to get information that ONLY GEEK SQUAD / Best buy have but will not provide.  



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Re: File a Complaint

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Hello tclark17,


That’s terrifying! I’m so glad to hear your daughter is alright after your husband’s quick rescue. I can’t even imagine what was going through his mind when trying to reach her, but I can say with certainty that his phone was the LAST thing he was thinking about when jumping in that pool!


As you may know, we are unable to offer a replacement device under a Geek Squad Protection plan if the phone was completely submerged. Given the circumstances though, I’m glad to hear we were able to assist you with that by granting an exception. We should have sent you an unlocked iPhone, though, if that is what you had, so I’m not sure why you would’ve received one that was tied to Verizon like that. I’d be happy to offer my assistance to see how I might help you.


I’m not locating your service records or purchase history using the information associated with your forum profile, so please know I’ve sent you a private message to gather some additional details. You may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Thanks for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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