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Every One Has A Boss

I would like to know to whom I can complain about an absolute unacceptable experience with Geek Squad in Waldorf MD. When I asked the Geek Squad Senior who I have been dealing with who his boss was, he said, "I don't have a boss." I said, "Someone signs your checks, you have a supervisor or manager of some sort." He told me he did not, he refused to give any name of any kind of supervisor/manager/boss or a number to customer service or complaint line. 


My issue started July 7th and has been ongoing until now. It is too much to post here, I would to know who is over Geek Squad that I can perhaps send an email to or make a phone call to or write a letter to or send some kind of communication. 


There has to be someone over the people at the store level. Even when I called the Geek Squad number I was told that they didn't have a supervisor around and they sent my call back to the store manager who referred me back to the Geek Squad. 

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Re: Every One Has A Boss

Hello Everyonehasboss,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I’m a former Geek Squad Agent myself, so I understand how frustrating it can be when you run in to a problem with a repair, and I apologize that you’ve had difficulties in getting in touch with someone to get a resolution.


We should have a Geek Squad manager in all of our stores. I’m sorry that you haven’t yet been able to work with them to help find a solution to your situation, and that the folks at the store haven’t been helpful thus far. I’d like to help you get in touch with the appropriate person, and maybe even help you out myself if possible.


What I would need from you is a brief description of the issue that you are running in to. I’ll also need, if you have it, a service order number for your repair. If you remember the names of anyone you’ve spoken with thus far, that may also be helpful. Rather than sending me an email, please click on the “Private Message” in my signature below this post.


Thank you,


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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