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Customer Service?

We had a really frustrating experience at the Idaho Falls, ID BestBuy today. We needed to bring in our laptop for some repairs, and we've been waiting a little while until we had some other business in town because we live about 45 minutes away. We have bought many computers and service plans at Best Buy over the years, and in general our experience has been good--when there's a problem, we take it in, and it gets fixed. Perfect. But not today.


Today, we walked into the store and were told we needed an appointment. OK??  So, this young lady comes over to help us set up an appointment. We just want to explain to someone what is wrong with the computer, drop it off, and have the squad look at it and fix it. But no, she goes in to set up an appointment, and then informs us that the earliest available appointment is at 11:20 -- it was currently just after 10 AM, and there was hardly anyone else even in the store! Are you kidding me? She goes over and says something to her boss and then informs us that Yes, that's how it works. Well, we didn't have time to sit around for over an hour so we could spend 5 minutes with a technician to drop off our computer--I mean, in the time it took this gal to make us an appointment, she could have just taken in our computer for the repairs.


If this is really how things work now at Best Buy--being treated as a problem to be worked through the system rather than a long-time customer--we may have to rethink where we buy our computers in the future.


Thanks for listening.


P.S. It was really difficult to even find a way to send you a message--I had to sign up for the forums and find this sub-group and then post, and now hope that someone actually reads this. Why isn't there a simple email address to contact BestBuy?



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Re: Customer Service?


   Thank you for taking all the time that you did to join and write with the community.  The way that the community is setup is to provide our customers with faster responses by super users, other community members, and of course the moderators of the site.  The Moderators are very busy during this time of year since they shut off the email option and filtered it through here.  I apologize for any hassle this has cause you in finding someone to voice your feedback.


With that said, I want to shed some light on the situation that you were just talking about.  When you visit our Geek Squad Precincts there are appointments that are required to provide each and every customer the attention that they deserve, and we have noticed many positive outcomes since implementing this scheduling.  It has also been a bit shocking to other customers who have used our services in the past and never needed an appointment before. 


Please understand that these appointments are here to make sure that you are provided adequate time to express your concerns or explain a bit more in detail the symptoms that you are seeing.  You can always hop online to schedule your appointments by clicking this link HERE! Thank you once again for all the time that you took to provide us with your valuable feedback!

I am a CAR Geek Squad Autotech, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Customer Service?

Hey rpcrisp,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Best Buy Support forums with your experience. Although I wish it were under better circumstances, I greatly appreciate all of your feedback.


As autotech796 mentioned, our stores are now implementing this scheduling system at our precincts to ensure that all clients are given the time and attention they need. It’s understandable that some visits are much quicker than others, but many need more than a few minutes with each client to ensure our agents can diagnose and fix the issue the first time. While we absolutely love to see you, it is our hopes that a few extra minutes during check-in will prevent the concern from popping up again and you having to make another trip into the store.


Autotech796 also provided a great link that allows you to create your own appointment, so you know the agents will be ready for you when you arrive. If online scheduling is not your thing, you are more than welcome to call your local store ahead of time to set it up on your behalf.


I apologize for any inconvenience this visit may have caused you, but I hope that going forward you will find this system to be a time saver and provide a more accurate repair of your devices. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions.



Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Customer Service?

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