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I have had my Samsung dryer now for roughly a year. I have called Geek Squad on my dryer now 3 times. On the 3rd time, Geek Squad treated me like I had no idea what I was talking about and told me, me calling was pretty much a waste of their time. They reluctantly set me up an appointment and ended up setting it up on the wrong address. When I called back in to change the address, the Geek Squad agent again talked to me like I was wasting their time and informed me they would most likely charge me for them having to come out and inspect the dryer even though I have a 5 year Geek Squad Plan. 


Then, I called Best Buy's Elite Plus number and asked to talk to a representative regarding a complaint against Geek Squad. While trying to explain my situation to the agent on the phone, I was interrupted multiple times resulting in me not even being able to explain the reason I called and eventually told they were just going to transfer me to a different department because the "queue is filling up." On top of that, the agent informed me to go online and file a complaint because apparently doing a complaint over the phone through them wasn't good enough. When I asked to speak with the agent's supervisor, I was informed their supervisor didn't need to talk to me because the agent had already documented all the information. After insisting multiple times, the agent placed me on hold and transferred me to Geek Squad after placing me on a 20 minute hold. 


The Geek Squad supervisor I spoke with was helpful, however, but still nothing has been addressed. 


I am writing this as a formal complaint and wish to be contacted about my experience. I know how Best Buy is supposed to treat their customers, and this was by far the worst experience I have ever encountered. I am currently an Elite Plus member and am seriously thinking about changing my shopping habits and investing money into businesses whom appreciate their customer and their concerns. 

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Re: Complaint

Hi nmerrell,


I would like to thank you for being an Elite Plus My Best Buy member, and for taking the time to reach out to us here. I am very sorry if you did not receive the service you expected when trying to set up service on this dryer. I would be more than willing to file this formal complaint for you, and work towards any resolution you are seeking.


I can say that the Geek Squad would charge for a service call if the customer has requested service multiple times before on the same unit, and each time we come out our technician determines there is nothing wrong with the unit. That is the only circumstance I can think of where we would charge the trip charge to someone with a Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan.


I did look at your work order and I show we have ordered part to repair the dryer, and we are scheduled to install that part on Wednesday 9/20/2017. I will check on this repair on Thursday 9/21/2017. What do you specifically need me to get done for you?



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