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Complaint regarding Geek Squad repair

I sent in my laptop for a screen repair on the 13th of December and was told that it would be returned to me by the 29th. However, come the 28th, I checked the repair status to see if it had been shipped only to realize that they hadn't made any progress in actually repairing the laptop for over a week. I called in to see what was happening and the service representative managed to get things back on track.

However, because I would be returning to school out of state the following week and it looked like they wouldn't be finished before I left, I called a representative to let them know that the laptop should be shipped to a different address. But when the repair was shipped, they ended up sending it to the wrong address anyways!

I spent about 3 hours on the phone with various Best Buy representatives trying to get the address changed on the shipment before, finally, someone admitted they just couldn't do it. I then asked if there was any way to bring the laptop in to a store to get it shipped out, or if there was a way to get compensation if we had to ship it ourselves. When I asked this, the representative on the line actually hung up on me.

In the end, we had to spend over $70 to ship the computer to me on time and Best Buy did nothing to help us with the process. Extremely frustrating to go through and representatives seem to be bending over backwards to avoid taking responsibility for it.