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Complaint about omission during iPhone 5 repair consultation

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Dear Customer Support,


This note is to express my disappointment with Best Buy.  On Dec 1, 2016 I noted that my iPhone 5 had developed a distinct bow to the front screen.  Through the Apple Support site I made an appointment with Apple Authorized Service Provider Best Buy - store 0281 the next day, Case ID: {removed per forum guidelines}.  


Following inspection of the phone during the appointment, the technical repair person, sales person and floor manager approached me saying that they strongly recommended I replace the battery right away.  The technical repair person said that the battery was perhaps days from leaking (“exploding” was also a term used by the sales person, but I clarified that he meant bursting of the battery’s envelope).  The repair was subsequently made in a very professional manner and I was satisfied with the result.


On Jan. 28 the same iPhone 5 developed a problem and began to restart on its own.  Through Apple Support I again made an appointment, this time with the Apple Store Mall of America, Case ID: {removed per forum guidelines}.  Whether the issue (kernel cache panic) was related to the installation of the battery Dec. 2 is unclear.  


While discussing recent fixes made to my phone I mentioned to the Apple associate that my battery had been replaced at Best Buy because it was swollen to the point of severely bowing the front screen and that Best Buy had strongly recommended its immediate replacement.  The Apple associate advised that if I had taken it to Apple instead of Best Buy that the phone would have been replaced without charge.


Had I known at the time of the repair at Best Buy that Apple would replace the phone, then I would have immediately gone to Apple for replacement.  However, that option was omitted and never mentioned by the technician, sales person or floor manager at Best Buy.  


I am disappointed, both as a customer and as a manager of customer services myself, that Best Buy did not point out Apple’s replacement option to me at the time of the repair.  I expected that Best Buy would put the needs of its customer foremost.  Because of the kernel cache issue I had to purchase another iPhone, an expense that would have been unnecessary had Best Buy been looking out for me, the customer.


Best regards,

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Re: Complaint about omission during iPhone 5 repair consultation

Greetings gdaigle,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I appreciate your patience as you waited for a response to your feedback regarding your iPhone 5 repair.


Experiencing battery issues like you described would be very frustrating, and worrisome. I’m grateful that you were able to get the issue remedied by working directly with Apple. It’s discouraging to learn the initial issue you had Best Buy help you with may have been related, and may have been covered under Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty.


Please know on your behalf I’ve documented your concerns regarding additional options that may have been available initially to you that weren’t articulated here at our corporate office.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Complaint about omission during iPhone 5 repair consultation

Thank you Mariah. I hope that in the future when there are differences in warrantee between Best Buy and Apple, that store personnel do recommend to customers that they take their repairs to Apple.  Meanwhile, I will be shopping for an iPhone to replace the one that would have gone to my spouse — but will be shopping at Apple for it, not Best Buy.


Best regards.