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Best Buy gave me a STOLEN phone

Last week I went to Best Buy in Worcester Massaschusetts to get a phone replaced through my GEEK Squad protection plan. Of course I had to pay the $150 service fee in order to be shipped a new phone. So I paid the $150 and within an hour recieved an email stating that my replacement phone was shipped. The next day I recieved my phone and was impressed witht he timeframe in which I had a replacement. When I went to activate the phone I had issues and ended up needing to call Sprint. No big deal there but within minutes the phone was acting up and downloading apps, making calls and going in and out of setting menu's etc. At my first opportunity I called the GEEK Squad 1-800 number and explained my situation. They agreed to send another phone at no charge and sure enough I had the 2nd phone within a day. Again, very impressed at the timeframe. However, when trying to activate the new phone I was prompted to call Sprint again. While on the phone with Sprint the woman I was speaking with placed me on hold and when someone came back on the line it was a supervisor who informed me that Sprint wasn't able to activate the phone as it was registered under another account and I needed to take the phone back to Best Buy. I refused to accept the explanation as there essentially was none and ended up being told that I "stole the phone" and they couldn't give me any more information. I explained again and again the details how I aquired the phone through the fullfillment service and the Sprint representative was v ery rude and basically hung on me. The following morning I called the Geek Squad in Worcester and was hung up on twice while they were trying to transfer my call to another Dept. I called a 3rd time and they just let the phone ring about 30-40 times when it was finally answered by a customer service center in the mid-west somehwere. I explained what happened and ended up being put through to the store manager for the Worcester Mass location. The manager Dianna (I think) was very helpfull and had the manager of the cellular dept contact me. I gave all the requested information to the cellular manager and he made the call to Sprint. In the end, Sprint told him the same thing they told me. IT WAS A STOLEN phone!!! The store made good on the situation and did an in store exchange, so I walked out with a new phone but what a hassle. Best Buy obviously sends only refurbished phones and apparently has no quality assurance program. They provided me with a stolen phone and I was actually called a theif multiple times during this whole process. I am less than impressed with the ordeal as a whole and fully intend on diggin into the situation further. I made copies of eveything and kept all serial numbers etc so that I can get to the bottom of this. Is there some inside shady stuff going on at the fulfillment center???


Very disapointed in Best Buy with this!!!  

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Re: Best Buy gave me a STOLEN phone

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Hello Jstandre,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thank you so much for your patience as you waited for a response. Due to the holiday season we’ve been extremely busy but are dedicated to see that everyone gets a response.


Receiving a phone that may have been a stolen device through a rapid exchange is definitely very shocking to discover. I’m grateful that your local Best Buy was able to get you taken care in moment, and naturally you’re still curious about how this could ever happen.


My sincere apologizes if you were called a theft during the process of trying to figure out how this could have happen by Sprint. It’s discouraging to hear that you had difficulties getting into contact with your local Worcester Best Buy. Issues like this should never happen.


I’d be happy to grab those pieces of information from you to see that this issue is addressed properly by our Rapid Exchange teams. Can you please send me a private message with the details? You can send me a private message by choosing the option to do so next to my name.


I look forward to your reply so I can request this to be looked into.





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