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Bad Experience



I purchased a Playstation 4 last Januray and I bought the (two year) blacktie warranty for this system. Since then, the system has been acting up and randomly turning off during gaming. When I purchased the warranty, I was told by the Best Buy salesman that if anything happened to the system while under warranty, they would replace it with a brand new one. I went to my local Best Buy store to return mine for a new one, but this did not happen. The store manager was not helpful, and did not have the positive attitude that I would think a large business like Best Buy would want their employees to have. 


I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years now, but that changed since the last two days from my visit with Best Buy store. I have never been treated so badly by a Best Buy empolyee, especially a manager. The store I go to is located in Brighton, Michigan, store number 841. The store manager, Nick, was very rude to my brother and I last night (7/15/2017). Nick contiuned to talk down to us as if we were nothing. My brother and I arrived at this Best Buy at 8:50 PM, ten minutes before closing. We realized the aggravation they may have with this, but we did not expect to be treated this badly. Instead of helping my brother and I, it felt like Nick was pushing us out of the store, because of the time. Nick was very sarcastic and careless about the situation my brother and I were in. I was not only sent home without my problem resloved, but also feeling extremely embarrased. Once I returned home, I called the Best Buy help number who then transferred me to a Geek Squad agent. I explained to the agent what happened and he helped me to resolve the issue. The conversation can be found in the case notes about this.


Part 2: Today (7/16/2017) after what happened last night, I could not find myself going back to my local Best Buy store just to be embarassed again. I asked my Mother to go up to Best Buy and figure out the situtaion. She was met with the same customer service agent, Nick. Once again, Nick seemed careless about the sitution. He was rude to my Mother, and she came home in tears from this incident. We could not understand why we could not just get what we paid for months ago. The whole point of a warranty plan is to cover damages that may happen to the system in the two years we paid for. We still had six months left on this warranty, and they only offered a refurbished system when we presented them our problem. I instantly called the customer serivce number again for their help. They connected me to the Store Manager, Nick, and it escalated this problem even more.


I am very upset with what I described above. Best Buy has always been my go to for electronics. I never thought I would be treated wrongly by someone who was supposed be reprsenting this brand. 

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Re: Bad Experience

Hello wreckingcrew24,


Welcome to the forum. It's always a good idea to purchase a protection plan for your electronics should something go wrong. I'm sorry to hear the Geek Squad Protection plan you purchased for your Playstation 4 has not met your expectations. It also sounds like the manager has offered you and your mother less than stellar customer service, and I sincerely apologize for and frustration you have experienced.


When you purchased the protection plan, the associate should have provided you with the terms and conditions of the plan. As per the FAQs on, the console would be replaced by a refurbished product, and replacement products that are refurbished will meet original manufacturer specifications.I'm very sorry if you were unaware that if something were to go wrong with your console it would be replaced refurbished one. 


However, there is never any excuse for rude treatment and I do appreciate you bringing this to our attention here at the corporate office. I assure you I will be documenting your comment for review and further employee training.


Thank you for posting here on the forum,

Maria|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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