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I purchased a Canon Printer in December, Order no. {removed per forum guidelines} and it stopped working. I brought it into the Crossgates Mall store to get a replacement under the 2 year protection plan that I purchased. The value of the printer is $50 and I paid $24.99 for it.  The store did not have this model and a manager, Maresh or Maseh, insisted they do not make the printer anymore, even though it is currently available for purchase on your website. And he was also insistant they had no comparable printers in stock even though they had a $54 pritner on the floor. I feel that I should have able to receive a replacement printer valued at $50 and not the price I paid, $24.99 according to the policy:


If my product is replaced, will I get a new or refurbished product?

We will normally repair or replace your device with a new or refurbished product that will be of like kind and quality, and comparable performance to your original device. Parts or replacement products that are refurbished will meet original manufacturer specifications.

In some cases, we may reimburse you for the cost of a replacement product by giving you a gift card or voucher based on the current value of your covered device, not to exceed your original purchase price plus taxes.


Another manager, Stephen, we very helpful and found a comparable printer on your website and ordered it for me.



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According to their terms though the replacement will not exceed the price that you paid. So if you want a printer more than $25 then you would need to pay the difference.
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Hello mherkenham,


Printers can be tricky items, and I personally get protection plans on them as often times paper jams can cause larger issues. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the kind of experience you were expecting when you brought your malfunctioning Canon printer to your local Crossgate Mall Best Buy.


According the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of purchase for your Geek Squad Protection Plan you purchased it states the following:


7. Repair or Replacement of Covered Products. Any time your Covered Product is to be repaired or replaced in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, at our sole discretion, we have the option of:


a. Repairing your Covered Product (unless you have purchased a GSP-R Plan, in which case only options (b) and (c) immediately below will apply). Replacement parts utilized for repair service will be, at our sole discretion, new, refurbished or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to the factory specifications. 119607 (8/16)

 b. Reimbursing you for replacement with a voucher or gift card equal to the Covered Product’s current market value, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price of your Covered Product including taxes.

c. Replacing your Covered Product with a product of like kind and quality and of comparable performance. If we replace your Covered Product, the following may apply: i. Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original Covered Product; ii. Replacement products and parts may be new or refurbished (at our discretion) which meet the manufacturer’s specifications of the Covered Product or parts; and iii. Covered Products and parts which are replaced become our property except where prohibited by law.


I apologize that initially the manager Maresh may have only offered you a gift card for the original purchase price as that was the only option he believed was present. I’m happy that his colleague, Stephen, was able to locate a comparable unit for you within the terms.



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