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by Jason_333 on ‎12-04-2012 10:49 AM - last edited on ‎12-04-2012 11:12 AM by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist

Mr.. Hubert Joly,


     I was reading a recent article in Bloomberg Business week on the transition Best Buy is experiencing and have a thought I would like to share.  It is a radical redefinition on what the current retail real estate of the company can be used for as a compliment to the competition it is facing from online wholesalers, i.e. Amazon.


     Consider as an example the process that occurs in a restaurant with the wait staff and the expediters.  The wait staff greet and take the meal order and often a different person brings the meal to the table - the expediter.  The wait staff collects a tip and then pays a percentage to the expedite staff.  Each waiter/waitress pays the expediter around 5%.  Each. 


     The idea is that your retail space being used by shoppers as a brick and mortar location to touch and feel the product they want to purchase be used for that purpose instead of a retail outlet.  This idea propagates itself quickly in a business mind, so I won't elongate this too much, but if you transformed your retail space to a viewing space for all suppliers who do online business and then collected a small percentage from them on their sales, you could reduce inventory to one of each, expand the square footage, and sell nothing.  Each person would be issued a smart phone device when they entered and could place the order as they walked the site, being directed to accessories by digital advertising on the device.  Small 'school circles' could be held every hour at certain locations where an expert in the department would make a 'FAQ' dissertation, shoppers would arrive to hear the information. 


      Reducing your inventory and staff costs, collecting a commission from your current competitors, and servicing the manifesting needs of your current customer base, i.e. a touch and feel location for wholesale pricing.




     Jason {removed per forum guidelines}


     {removed per forum guidelines}

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Thanks for the idea.
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Alienware in store

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by kerm7807 on ‎09-23-2014 08:07 AM

I love Best Buy, but find myself very few reasons to come into your store.  You cater to the mass sales; hi volume, low profit, and have been trying to find your niche to stay relevant.  There's nothing in the store for me to keep me coming back.  I've bought everything I can and have to buy a lot online because there simply is no store to buy it in.  I feel like Best Buy is really missing out on a revenue source.  Everyone has forgotten the PC gamer and according to all the stats out there, we're growing big time.  There isn't a store in this country that has a gaming pc or laptop in it to check out.  Even if you just had a display model because it is expensive, high end and tailored.  You guys have a lot of store real estate that could be put to better use.

Here's what I believe is the perfect situation and since Dell has been taken back over and wants to shake things up.  You get Alienware to set up a small store in gaming and start carrying more gaming pc parts.  Geek squad starts handling service on the alienwares.  I'd be more interested in ordering my next pc through the geek squad just for that reason.  Customer support is huge and their biggest weakness.  Then you start catering to PC gamers by bettering your instore wifi and start hosting LAN parties to bring the gaming community together and in store.  Start  weekly game discounts and start a whole new revenue stream for Best Buy that's huge.

I'm tired of hearing Best Buy isn't doing well.  We want you to do well, because there really is no other brick and mortar tech store anymore.  I try to buy everything I can from you, but you don't have products that interest me in the area that I really spend.  Please pass this on.  I would be so interested in the LAN parties too.  I have "online friends" but to have a way to hook up with other pc gamers in my area would be awesome.  Nobody does anything like this.  Please consider.  Thanks.

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Would anyone else like to see us put any part of this idea into place, and if so what would you like to see happen? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

This had been a MAJOR ISSUE I believe since day one of the PAID GCU membership & it's still not been adressed.

The 10% discount should apply to all used game purchases and promos however, the PC consistantly doesn't do it 7 the response from the mangers/reps in store is that it's one of the other WRONG. Since this is a copy from Gamestop I'll show you how it works there.


If I buy 3 used games that all cost $4.99 each then EACH GAME should ring up $4.49 not just the 1st one. i shouldn't have to choose to only get the discount on 1 game or have each one rang up seperately.

If I buy 3 used games via a buy two get one promo all 3 games costing $4.99 then again the 1st TWO games should be $4.49 each & the 3rd one free.

If there's a buy one get one 50% off deal the 10% should come off the 1st used game & the 2nd game would be discounted by 60%


This should not be as hard to grasp as it's been made to be but again here we are. Please update the system AND educate the staff accordingly as it makes no sense for a me a non employee to be able to explain the flaws in the current system with store reps asking me how did I learn so much.

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Right now i'm very disapointed in Best Buy. I just achieved my rewards elite status in November of 2013 and just found out that the elite membership experies at the end of Febuary of every year. So today March 1st 2014, I come to find that I am no longer an elite member. 




How about this Best Buy.,. Once a My Best Buy member is automatically upgraded to Elite or Elite Plus membership, they have 12 months from the day they achieved this status to maintain the status by meeting the current requirements.


In my case this would mean that since I achieved elite membership in November of 2013 I would have until the end of November of 2014 to spend $1500 hundred to maintain my membership.


This would make the rewards membership so much more worth while. Right now I'm just going to stick with buying everything from until my idea is implimented. I'm sure many others are already doing the same.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea, but I should point out this isn't accurate. If you qualified for Elite status in 11/2013 your account would remain in this status until 2/2015. If you re-qualify for this status in 2014 your status won't expire until 2/2016 and so on and so on.

Here's a suggestion, Best Buy: print the last day of a customer's return period according to the day they purchase on the receipt. For example, I make a purchase today, the 10th, and the receipt would say I have through April 25th to make a return or exchange. It's made clear to the customer how long they have and gives workers at the store a direct place to point out the time frame of it when someone comes in outside the return period begging to have the rules bent for them. Benefits for both sides for not much effort.

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I like the idea, but I do see one problem that will come up. The return or exchange period starts the date a customer took possession of their purchase. In the vast majority of cases this is the same day they paid for their items.


In some cases the dates are not the same. When a customer is purchasing something large (i.e. Large TV, Appliances, etc...) they have the option to have these delivered, and their return or exchange date would be based off the date we delivered their purchase. In addition our stores can also order products for customers, and in these cases the date of purchase would not be the same as the date they took possession of their purchase. Does anyone have any addition insights into this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

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In Store Pickup--Print format button

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by kade13 on ‎04-05-2012 01:28 PM

I recently bought a product from your website and chose in store pickup as my delivery option.  According to the email telling me my purchase was ready for pickup I need to bring with me, "The order number listed above - or a copy of this e-mail".  In order to format a print out the email correctly I had to highlight the correct portion and then print preview and select the highlighted portion only.  Even doing this I was not able to print out the entire email which I wanted to keep for my records.  Could you please add a button that would format the email for printing and make it easier to comply with your directions. 

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Thanks for the idea
Status: Acknowledged
I can promise you that we continue to do our best to have all items in stock at all times.

Fable III

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by Valued Contributor on ‎02-21-2014 08:20 PM

I would like to suggest that BestBuy carries the PC version of Fable III digital and physical copies. 

Status: Tell Us More
Sorry for the late initial response. Would anyone else like to see us carry the PC version of Fable III? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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Better pricing on Tv's for customers

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by EqualPrices on ‎03-16-2015 08:34 PM

How is that you guys are able to give discounts to you"re self's  on TV's like Sony and LG not that much from Samsung That's what i heard  .. and not any discount's to frequent customers  i know best buy has a rule that they have to make a min of  5% profit  but you guys are making crazy profit's on tv's  that's the companies bread and butter  in 2nd to appliances  that type of savings should be given to frequent customers too because without us you guys don't have any business 

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I can promise you we strive to be as competitive as possible in our pricing at all times.

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Best Buy YouTube channel

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by Landismobileman on ‎01-27-2017 01:40 PM
I am a Best Buy lead at Best Buy. I have a few ideas for the business but don't know of any avenues to move them up the ladder, but I think Best Buy should invest in having its own YouTube channel. It wouldn't take much to invest in plus the revenue it would get from advertising from a nearly low expense channel should be appealing. The free advertising for Best Buy would be great! Plus Having a weekly episode to go over deals, demo products, talk about products and upcoming products. Think what cnet does but for Best Buy. Also I think we should have a price match app for customers. Whether it would be integrated into the Best Buy app currently or a seperate I think that would be an amazing idea.
Status: Acknowledged

As pointed out by Sam15 we already do have a You Tube channel, and it is unlikely we would add price match to an app as we want every price match to be manually approved.

I don't like how we have to retype our gift card number plus pin each time we want to use our gift cards for online purchases. Can you guys make a feature that will allow us to add our gift card balance like my best buy certificates automatically to our online purchases at checkout?

Status: Tell Us More

Overall I do like this idea. I am concerned about problems that might arise by situations where a customer has given a gift card associated with their account to someone else. Would anyone else like to see this idea put into place? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.

In order for this to be profitable it would have to apply to a larger quantity of figures because of their price. However, the way people are grabbing them up that shouldn`t be an issue. This type of promo addition would certainly locked down the gaming figure sales at BB only there would be no competiton. I`d suggest making this a GCU only promo vs the open $10 promos since that revenue will surely add up too.

Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

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We don't accept trade-ins of TVs.

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maybe help digital box people

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by randydillman on ‎04-23-2017 04:31 PM

Maybe if you would have a small bundle of starter kit for changing anaolog to digital? I think it would be a very big hepl for people to get started. maybe!

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. With how few customers are still using an analog signal I just don't see us doing this in the future.

About Services

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by OR_Experr on ‎04-22-2012 08:22 AM

Most suggestions are based on my BBY experience. These services only real store can offer.


(1) In 2006, my wife bought a GPS in BBY with quite good price to us. My wife asked, "How can we update the map?" The employee said that you can come for some amount I forgot. I think it is about $50-60. I never come for this and never have trouble so far. However, if you can do this free every two years or so or at least once for lifetime, it would be great for customers. It just cost the employee the time to drink a cap of coffee and buyer would have second thought if you are not too expensive that Amazon.. The point is: If you charge, no one would pay for it. If free, they would be happy even not use.


(2) Early this year, we bought a Wii in BBY. We compared BBY online price with Amazon and found that they are same after take store pick up advantage. Finally, we checked BBY store, it is less and we bought it. As I said we are always nervous for this. We figured out one control and just cannot do for second one. We brought it to the store, the employee took a few minutes to explain and we got it. How about this kind of thing for big ticket, say, a desktop or a big TV. You may set up an amount, say $500 or more. Within 1 or 2 years, you have a chance for coming home service for free, or symbolically, say, $10.


(3) I play bridge on line. I can play in other's table. But for firewall reason, I just cannot open a table myself. Many can do that. Many cannot including me. If this kind of service can be included in (2). Several local expert friends cannot help. BBY should be able to. There should be more examples like this. Even reasonable IT people may need this help.


(4) In 2004, I bought a HP laptop in BBY. I got some trouble at very beginning when I have 3-month antivirous protection. Since I knwo nothing, I called BBY, they asked me to call HP 800 #. HP said I have to pay. Finally, a friend found the PC windows needs a lot of update. The software must be installed long ago. Every thing is OK after update. For this kind of thing, you should simply ask me to bring PC to store. The employee would take just a few minutes to find out whether I really need to call HP. This is not part of (2) or (3).


(5) Last example is from internet. Some one bought a PC from BBY. After 1-2 year, he found that PC can get hot very quickly. I forgot whether it is in or out of Warranty. He called BBY. The employee said it must be virous. He can spend $200 to fix at BBY. He did not believe. He called Aser and Aser said it should be Fan. He bought a new fan and every thing is fine. He swared never go BBY. Why cannot you take your real store advantage and let him brigh it to store and decide whether he really needs to pay $200. This $200 answer may be practically reasonable to Amazon, but not to BBY.


Next two suggestion are not related to real experience.


(6) Store pick up for online purchase is great. Do you have store return service for  online purchase. If store pick up, store return should be free. If home delivery with S&H paid, it should be free too. Only if home delivery with S&H free, you may charge for original S&H.


(7) When my (new) house finished, builder provided this service. 7-days before closing, we walk through to find all things need to fix. 1-month after move in, we tell them what is new problem. They come to fix. Our last chance (besides basic Warranty) is 6-month after move in. BBY should learn some from this. When customer buys a big ticket, they do not need to worry about any unexpected problem in a reasonable time period unless it is their own mistake.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea
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Sure, it's probably easy to go into a Bestbuy store and buy a gift card each time you want to save for a Best Buy specific purchase, but my idea would work similar to the Pitch-In card, except that it's for one person.


For the sake of this suggestion, let's call it a Flexible Lay-Away Plan or for short FLAP.


FLAP would work like this:


1) Visit a bestbuy store

2) Take the item which you desire to purchase to any cashier

3) Cashier Scans the item, and with an added POS feature, a gift card transaction is generated with a value that is at least 10% of the purchase price of the desired item. Since the FLAP will remove the item desired from the available inventory, and administrative fee of $3.00 shall apply.

4) The item desired WILL NOT be held for the customer to pick up, however, the FLAP program would reserve the item in it's inventory. In the case of purged/discontinued items, only Lay-Away the price of the item. If the same item is not available, managers will find a like-styled item, and adjust the price accordingly.

5) Customers should immediately activate their card. During activation:

  • Customers will give their basic information
  • Customers will provide a  funding source, where direct debit from a checcking account is prefered, but visa/mastercard allowed as well. 
  • After the funding source is verified by a mini-deposit method of verification, the customer would set up scheduled withdrawals from their checking account or debit/credit card.
  • Upon making the FLAP goal, the customer can come to the store to retrieve the time. FLAP would be the form of paymentMy idea of BBY FLAP Program

6) As a bonus for customers to acheive their major electronics purchasing goal, upon successful completion of funding their item something free should be offered relative to the item purchased.


A downside of FLAP would be that customers change their mind on making a purchase. A suggested cancellation policy, that is fair should be:

  • FLAP participants may cancel their FLAP within 24 hours for 100% refund of  the deposit made towards the item on a FLAP Account and the FLAP Administrative fee.
  • FLAP customers may cancel their FLAP within 25 hours to 14 days for an 85% refund of the total FLAP balance, with the administrative fee non-refundable.
  • After 14 days no refunds are available, however the FLAP balance may be converted to a Best Buy gift card, minus a 15% re-stocking fee (30% if the item has been purged/discontiniued from sale at Best Buy stores


Status: Tell Us More
Thanks for the detailed idea, and I could see at least some customers using such a program. Does anyone else have any insights into this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
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by vincem5 on ‎06-14-2014 05:29 PM

Most people go to a brick and mordor store because they want an item NOW, They don't want you to order it for them. They could do that themselves at home if they wanted to do that. Increase your inventory on new items and hot items. I'm nat talking about keeping every tech trinket ever invented in stock. That would be impossible. I'm talking about things you have on display. If I can see a live unit of something and a price tag next to it, I should be able to buy it right then. I understand that some items are in such high demand that you may have to wait a few days for another shipment to come in, but when an item is on display and ready to sell and the next shipment has come in with said item not onboard, it's inexcusable. Stop trying to save a small fortune and up your inventory of items you have on display!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your feedback. I can promise you we work to have every item we carry in our stores in stock at all times.
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Possible store location.

Status: Acknowledged
by wii1990 on ‎06-12-2014 12:50 AM

Ok, so there used to be a Circut City store in our local area. It almost always seemed to be somewhat busy. Of course a few years back the whole chain of stores was closed so unfortunately this one was lost as well. Since then there hasn't been a decent store specialising in electronics/ computer components. Radio Shack and Gamestop only sell so much. I think it would be awesome to go to Best Buy. Unfortunately with the nearest one being about 85 miles away, it's inconvient. Any chance of building a Best Buy in the Vienna, WV / Parkersburg, WV / Marietta, OH local area?

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the suggestion, and given how far the nearest Best Buy store is I can of course understand you wanting us to build one closer to you. With our current business strategy it is very unlikely that we will be opening any new Big Box stores.

Sometimes for example I am looking to purchase a computer mouse. The stores near me may only offer 3 different computer mice in the brick and mortar store but dozens online. I don’t want to order online but pick it up in store after work. With the current site I am forced to first find the mice I like then click each one individually to see if the item is available in one of the stores near me.


So the filter option would allow the user to enter a zip code and mile range to only show products in the category or search where an item is available.


All the data needed is already in your databases as the site can do it but only with the user manually clicking each item. So only the new feature code would need to be created without any more data logistics.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the idea
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It seems like for some devices (i.e. the Galaxy S7) they were up for pre-order the same day the item was announced but for others (i.e. the new iPad Pro) Best Buy kind of drags their feet. If Best Buy wants to be on the cutting edge, they should fix this and the new iPad Pro is probably going to set new sales records, so it would be a good time to start. 


Additionally, offering a trade-in spiff would also be nice and wise at the same time because, from experience, there are a lot of old 9.7" iPads out there that are well overdue for upgrades, but most people hold onto them because they figure they're only going to get $20 for them.  


PS: if Smart Keyboards are going to be as hard to get as they were for the 12.9" model, pre-orders should also be done for those so people aren't waiting and having to check stores weekly to see if they've come in.  The way the Pro (12.9") accessories were handled was terrible (on the supply and demand side).

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